View Full Version : Authenticity of K.M. Ganguly's Mahabharata

06 February 2015, 02:36 PM
Dear HDF members,

Some period ago I purchased the Mahabharata translation by K.M. Ganguly and the Valmiki Ramayan by Gitapress, Gorakhpur. I have read many positive comments on the internet on the authenticity of Gitapress publications.

On Ganguly however I haven't read anything. So for those fluent in Hindi/Nepali/Sanskrit that farmiliar with his translation how would you judge it?
Is it in the category of Gitapress and Agniveer or more in that of Max Muller and Ralph T. Griffith?


12 March 2015, 11:47 AM
Namaste to Admins,

We need a sticky within the Scriptures forum listing for AUTHENTIC translations of the scriptures and sacred writings. I've had to dump PDFs of books when I discovered the missionary/co-oped western indologist/neoHindu status of the translator, or when I read enough to get the gist of the direction the translator is trying to guide you in.