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23 April 2015, 10:40 AM
|| Hari OM ||

|| ShrI guru sharaNam ||

|| ShrI Adi Sankara sharaNam ||


On holy occasion of Adi Sankara and rAmAnuja jayanti, lets pray to jagadgurus to help us know the truth.

I have tried to explain what Hindu dharma is. The article is not compete and is in public domain. All those who can contribute constructively :D are welcome


विदिताखिलशास्त्रसुधाजलधे महितोपनिषत् कथितार्थनिधे

हृदये कलये विमलं चरणं भव शंकर देशिक मे शरणम् ॥
- तोटकाष्टकं -1

O Thou, The Knower Of All The Milk-Ocean Of Scriptures! The Expounder Of The Topics Of Great Upanisadic Treasure-Trove! On Thy Faultless Feet I Meditate In My Heart. Be Thou My Refuge O preceptor, Sankara. I meditate on Your pure lotus feet in my heart | O Preceptor Shankara, be my refuge.
- toTakAShTaka.m - 1

Last Message of Adi Sankara, Sopan Panchakam

Adi Shankara at the request of his disciples gave instructions in 5 stanzas to his beloved disciples which are called as SopAna panchakam or updesha panchakam

The first verse says

वेदो नित्यमधीयतां तदुदितं कर्म स्वनुष्ठीयतां

तेनेशस्य विधीयतां अपचितिः काम्ये मतिस्त्यज्यताम् ।

पापौघः परिधूयतां भवसुखे दोषोऽनुसन्धीयतां

आत्मेच्छा व्यवसीयतां निजगृाहात्तूर्णं विनिर्गम्यताम् ॥ १ ॥

Study the Veda every day; do properly the karma prescribed therein; through that (act), worship the Lord; give up the thought of doing an act with desire (for its fruit); shake off the group of sinful deeds; consider (mentally) the defect in worldly pleasure; strive for the desire (for the knowledge) of the Átmán (Self); get out of your home without delay.

|| Hari OM ||