View Full Version : Goddess Tara beeja mantra?

05 June 2015, 09:52 PM
Namaste everyone

I am sure we all read that Tarini has two beejas Treem and Streem. Treem is supposedly cursed by Vashista? I dont understand that concept considering Treem mantra is also a beeja for Tripura sundari and the rishi is Markandeya. Also i sharaba sahasranama there is a mantra treem kleem. Plus trim is a beeja for trishula. So how can it be cursed? I dont understand what it means to me if i chant treem? Because personally i felt a lot of self confidence and empowerment when i chant hreem treem hum phat? Does anyone have any idea regarding this topic? I just couldnt connect to the variant hreem streem hum phat. What do i do now? Continue with treem or change it to streem even though i dont connect to it?

02 September 2015, 04:38 PM
Namaste Karaka,

I believe, if it connects with you, it's yours. If it directs you towards the divine, you should accept it. If it helps you reach the turiya state, you should mediate on it. Nothing else matters.