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23 July 2015, 03:39 PM

The Tamil month of 'Aadi' is on now (starting 17th July). Tomorrow (24th July) will be the 2nd Aadi Friday. This month is considered very auspicious for Devi worship. Just came across this article in another site and thought of sharing it, as it was a copy/pasted internet article.

Astrological Significance of Aadi Fridays


The Tamil month of Aadi marks the movement of the Sun to the Southern direction. This month starts the festival month for the Goddess till the Sun enters Capricorn. The Goddess will be powerful during this time. Aadi Velli is all the Fridays in the Tamil month of Aadi.

During this year’s Aadi month, from July 17 until August 16, the Sun will be in the emotionally sensitive sign of Cancer. The life-affirming presence of the Sun in Cancer makes it the right time to awaken Goddess energy in different forms, especially the manifesting powers of Goddess Parvati. She is deeply connected to the sign of Cancer as the Moon rules Cancer, and Goddess Parvati rules the Moon. This is why rituals celebrating Goddess energy during this time will be very powerful. Any prayer made to the Goddess for career upliftment, good relationship with boss, health and well being will be answered. Friday are linked to feminine energy as Venus (a feminine energy planet) rules Fridays. Each of the Fridays in this year’s month of Aadi have some unique auspicious influences:

On July 17th, the Sun and the Moon will both be in the nurturing sign of Cancer. The presence of both these luminaries together in Cancer which is ruled by the Moon amplifies the Goddess energy of unconditional love.
On July 24th, the Moon will be in Swati, a freedom-loving star of independence, ruled by Rahu, planet of innovation and new ideas. Rahu is governed by the great protector Goddess Durga. So, this day will be full of Goddess energy which is good for having big ambitions.
On July 31st, the Moon will be in Shravana, a star of listening, ruled by the Moon, the planet which can give emotional and mental stability. The Moon’s overlord is Goddess Parvati herself. Pray to Parvati for being blessed with prosperity through following your heart.
On August 7st, the Moon will be in Krittika, a star of truth, ruled by the Sun. This day will activate fiery energy of the Goddess to terminate negativity and burn through illusion.
On August 14st, the Moon will be in Ashlesha, a star of mystical power, in the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and the Moon will be in close proximity with the Sun. The enlightening energy of Goddess Parvati, the overlord of the Moon, increases with this union. Accessing the Goddess energy on this day will help you in accruing support from others and aligning yourself with wisdom to achieve success.

Astrologically in 2015, all the 5 Aadi Fridays are very good to empower your life with Goddess energy.




23 July 2015, 03:41 PM

Aadi month (July 17th - August 16th 2015), the 4th month of the Tamil Calender is very special for spiritual activities. It is believed that the Goddess Shakthi doubles her power and worshipping her will help one to achieve what one needs. The Goddess will protect her devotees from all negative effects. This article is about the Aadi velli or the Fridays of Aadi month which are considered auspicious.

1st Aadi Friday dedicated for the Goddess of Wealth
July 17th is the 1st Friday of Aadi month. This is dedicated to Goddess Swarnambika. This Goddess is a form of Goddess Parvati. One who worships will be blessed with wealth and all the properties. One should perform prayers to the goddess to get wealth and material gains.

2nd Aadi Friday dedicated for the Goddess of AngalaAmman
July 24th is the 2nd Friday of Aadi month dedicated to AngalaAmman. Offer prayers to the Goddess who is a form of Kali to get Extraordinary Intelligence.

3rd Aadi Friday for the Goddess of Courage and Health
July 31 is the 3rd Friday which is dedicated to Annai Kalikambal. She is a powerful Goddess another form of Goddess Parvati. Praying this Goddess will help one to achieve courage and health.

4th Aadi Friday for the Goddess of Relationship
August 7th, the 4th Friday of Aadi month is dedicated to Goddess Kamakshi Amman, a form of Goddess Shakti. One who offers prayers on this Friday will get her blessings and the Goddess will remove all the obstacles faced by the individual in marriage, childbirth, relationships, etc..

August 14th - 5th Aadi Friday for the Goddess of Overall Prosperity
August 14th is the last Aadi Friday which is dedicated to Lakshmi, wife of Lord Vishnu. Varalakshmi Pooja falls on this day and this pooja is a very special one for all women. The Goddess will bless the women and hears all the desires of them and fulfills the wishes. Women will pray for the good health of their husbands. This pooja is performed with a Kalasam closed with coconut.

How to Worship the Goddess Shakthi on Aadi Velli

Sakkarrai Pongal and Payasam are cooked on this day and offered to the Goddess.
Lemon Malai is offered to Kamakshi Amman to get divine protection and to remove obstacles.
Thamboolam is given to five Sumangalis. Thamboolam is nothing but KumKum, turmeric, beetel leaves, thali kayiru, banana and flowers. One can even offer blouse bits or sarees too.
Offer Milk and Egg to the Nagam.
Light ghee lamps to the Goddess Lakshmi.


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Please Note: The popular date for Varalakshmi Puja in 2015 given elsewhere is 28th August.