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27 July 2015, 05:57 PM

This is just some musing by me.

From reading Ramayana, one can get:

i) Dispassion - From the way Sri Rama renounces his kingdom, his own mother, kith and kin and embraces the forest life, at the behest of his father.

ii) Dedication to cause (Vairagya) - From the way Sri Rama dedicatedly lives the entire 14 yrs in forest...

iii) Bravery - From the way Sri Rama singlehandedly kills Kara and Dhooshana and later faces Ravana, though assisted by the simple Vanara Sena and Shri Hanuman and Lakshmana in his war with lankadhipathi.

iv) Mercy - From saying to Ravana, "Go today and come back tomorrow" and from the way he forgives Kakasura who assaulted Ma Sita.

v) Respect for women - From the way Sri Rama took only 1 wife and remained an 'ekapatni' vratha.

vi) Simplicity - From Sri Rama taking the simple fisherman Guha for his friend. Also for accepting the rakshasa Vibeeshana as his another brother.

What else can be learnt from Ramayana? Can you share your insights?...

27 July 2015, 07:52 PM

Every time you read Srimad Valmiki Raamayan you ll learn something new and enchanting. Raamayan has recorded the history and culture of ANCIENT INDIA very well. It displays scientific excellence of our ancestors. You ll find every thing like how to protect the dead body or build bridge across ocean or kind of human cloning.

Every word in the EPIC poem has got something to offer. Being the first poem in Sanskrit I just cant stop wondering at the way Sri Valmiki has played with words.

I am yet to understand the spritual meaning behind few incidents narrated in Uttara Kaanda.

Is Uttara Kaanda a later addition as assumed by few.

28 July 2015, 07:55 AM
Ofcourse, Ramayana has a lot to offer beyond the messages conveyed by people in it... Thanks for bringing in this perspective!


27 February 2016, 08:43 AM
Ofcourse, Ramayana has a lot to offer beyond the messages conveyed by people in it... Thanks for bringing in this perspective!


Sugriva and the Vaanaras present Sri Rama with the ornaments of Seetha that she threw at them in an attempt to grasp their attention while being carried away. In tears Rama holds them to his heart͵ and asks Lakshmana͵ doesnt he recognize them. Lakshmana replies͵

Naaham Jaanami keyuuRe Naaham Janaami kankaNe
Nuupure Tvaabhijanaami Nityam paadabhivandanaat.

I dont recognize the keyuRa and kankaNa - (ornaments worn on the upper part of the body). But the Nuupura I recognize͵ from my practice of prostrating at her feet daily.

27 February 2016, 08:53 AM
8) The giving up of Sita - due to which Ramayana is celebrated in the form of the epic͵ for millennia

02 July 2016, 05:04 AM
Ramayana is the very great epic which is so interesting to read at any time when compared to other epics.