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08 May 2007, 11:04 AM
Hari Om

We have discussed some principles of Jyotish ( Karakas, Atmakaraka, rasi dristi, graha dristi, Ishatadevata, bija mantra, etc.) yet the fundamenal building blocks are the rasi, bhava, tattva's, 12 aditya's and nakshatra's. Let us spend a few minutes on this thing called rasi and look at it from a Jyotish perspective - that is, its implications and why rasi's are important to this this bhu-loka (or the material level of creation).

Please note this knowledge is not mine, I am a sisya of this great knowledge. All I know is but the teachings, readings, and cogitation of this and other subject-matter from the great ones. This Knowledge is from the jyotish guru's that have done all the 'heavy lifting' from their end. I continue to say I know nothing. Real knowing is 'seeing' the knowledge in ones chitt (consciousness) and living it. The best I can do is comprehend and understand it the best in can that my intellect will afford me ( this is ruled by Guru, or dhi shakti + Mercury , buddhi). I am just a fortunate recipient passing on an idea or two for your consideration.

Rasi , from a jyotish perspective means a heap, or group , I have also read a pile. It is also number, a sum, from a vedic mathematics perspective. In Jyotish it means a sign e.g. meena, vrsabha, mesa, kumba, etc. I will assume one can look up the 12 rasi names. When we talk all 12 signs we have rasi-chakra or the zodiac.

How do we get 12 rasi? It's measured from the conjunction of the 2 luminaries Surya and Chandr ( Sun and Moon) - this happens once every 29.5 days (+/-) and is rounded to 30. This 30 day period we call a month ( masa) and we as humans adjust this number 28 days, some 30 some 31, to balance the overall year accordingly).

So the sun moves ~ 1 degree per day. A circle is 360 degrees, and 360 divided by 30 = 12 signs. for now we will address rasi's and not Nakshatra or the lunar mansions that the moon transverses in a month. This word rasi is of great import ( to me)… this rasi has been defined as a heap or a quantity. It is the collection, heap, of 12 that make the zodiac, yet this heap also has the significance of giving. Giving to man-kind and to all beings on this planet. Let see how this happens.
We know from Parashara-muni , the authority of jyotish, that the sun avatara ( Surya) of Vishnu is Rama. He is the deity associated with the Sun. His Consort , we know as Sita, another form of Lakshmi, the giver of wealth and abundance or heaps; people associated heaps with grains, and Lakshmi has been associated with gains, grains, wealth and abundance i.e. heaps.

Now, if we take the first letters of Rama + Sita we get ra+si. We get Rasi from the combination of Rama+Sita. And that which can be acquired on this earth comes from them. Not to mention the bija sound of Agni is Ra, and this agni is fire, yes? Yet fire is anther way of saying energy. All that we see is energy converted to matter. All we see is another form of the Sun ( Surya) , pure energy that becomes all on this earth. Without it there is nothing. No energy = no life, no-thing, or rasi's.

What is our galaxy ? What are all galaxies? They are 'heaps' of suns. The principle of agni+ surya is visible and measurable throughout this creation. And they, all these suns, these engines of energy, are held in Akasha , or space, that which allows things to exist. That is, data eka rama bhikari sari duniya -The giver is the one Rama the world is a beggar.

This above is the baseline to start with rasi's. If you wish, and this subject is of interest to HDF readers,we can continue in part 2 and discuss the 12 aditiya ( the collection of the 12 signs), and where the givers of theis creation are found in the 8 directions ( East, Northeast, West, Northwest, South, South west, etc).

ramante yogino-nante brahmaanande chidaatmani - The one in whose memory yogis revel in the bliss of brahman - Padma Purana

Ram is Brahm