View Full Version : Please pray for Chennai...

07 December 2015, 03:40 PM

Don't really know what is the forecast for Chennai for the coming month... but what I heard is too gloomy.

On top of the 100yr record breaking rains in the past month, it has been forecasted (some say by NASA) that the El Nino cyclone has targeted Chennai and another round of heaviest rains, more than what it had been the past month, is to be expected by Dec 15th timeline. And that the entire city runs the danger of submerging under water!!

This is horrible news. Already, my family who lives in Chennai, faces the wrath of nature and the whole city seems to be swimming in water.

Please kindly pray for Chennai, everyone.


08 December 2015, 03:07 AM
Have send pray for Chennai, may Lord Shiva bless the souls who die because of this disaster, and for all who survived, may they have fast recovery, may many organisation and mass will help Chennai, and they can bulid again, may all who have collective karmic with this disaster walk in Dharma path. May Lord Shiva bless you all.