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27 February 2016, 03:30 AM
I like to know Hindu Dharma Experts opinion on my doubt to follow which KULA DEIVAM.

My native place is a village near Pattukottai in Thanjavur District. My parents are no more.

Myself and my wife were following the words of my parents as " Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy" was our Kula deivam. We have 2 sons and we were taking the blessings of Lord Venkatachalapathy before every important events/functions. After my grandson(of my first son) was having some neurological health problem, we consulted some astrologers; some astrologers have asked about our Kuladeivam and any undone offerings.When we told that our Kuladeivam is " Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy". Most of the astrologers told that " Tirupathi Venkatachalapathy" cannot be Kuladeivam for us and asked us to enquire the elders. Most of the astrologers told to complete the offerings and do regular poojas to the Kula deivam to get better result for the health problem of my grandson.

I have made all the efforts but I could not find out our actual kuladeivam. My grandfather was taken as " Sweekara Puthiran" by a person who was not having any sons. I could not find any elders in that family where my grand father had gone as sweekara Puthiran to enquire about the Kuladeivam of that family.My father was the only son for my Grandfather.I made efforts to find out the Kula Deivam by different means; but I could not come to any conclusion as different versions about Kuladeivam were told.

I am performing " Tharpanam" with the name of Great Grand father to whom my grandfather had gone as sweekara puthiran.

I know the Kuladeivam of the family in which my grandfather born, as elders are alive in that family and worshipping one " karuppasamy" in the nearby village where my grandfather was born.

I need a clarification/opinion:
1. Whether I can worship the Kuladeivam( Karuppasamy)as my kuladeivam, as I could not find the kula deivam of the family where my grandfather had gone on sweekaram?
2.If the above is not permitted as per the traditions/Dharma, What I have to do to find out my kuladeivam ?
I will be more thankful to the experts/elders on the clarification.

Manian T V

27 February 2016, 05:03 PM
Namaste Manian T V,

As far as I know, I would like to share with you these points :

a) The tradition of having a Kula Devam is not same across all Hindus.
b) Usually, Kuladevam is a particular form of Devataa or a God-realised saint who has been traditionally worshiped for well-being of the family by ancestors. But it is not correct to assume that the same Kuladevam continues to be for all generations. I know various instances when families changed their Kuladevam because worshiping that deity didn't work out for them as they desired.
c) Your priest/astrologer is wrong if he claims that Tirupathi Venkatachalpathy cannot be your Kuladevam. Having Sun God or Lord Shiva or Mother Goddess in one name or the other has been in traditions of many Hindu Kings in the past. Yes, hierarchy-wise, Tirupathy ji stands at such a high pedestal that having Him as Kuladevam can appear a little odd but it cannot be considered wrong. The thumb-rule is the answer to this question : "Does it work for the well being of your family ?". The basic idea of having a Kuladevam is having a deity for the well-being of the family. Lord Krishna says in BG, "People worship various devataas for worldly gains which they get easily by the grace of those Devataas."
d) And finally, you can still choose Kuladevam depending upon what appeals to you if you already don't have one or you are unaware of one.