View Full Version : Significance of the "Big Toe" for Prana/Nadis?

11 January 2017, 08:44 AM

I was hoping that someone could offer their thoughts on the following:

I have been doing Asanas, Pranayama, some chakra exercises (3-7 chantings of chakra mantras) and meditation for a little over two years and just last night had a very odd dream about my big toe.

I was clipping the toe nail on my big toe in the dream and suddenly the toe nail sort of opened up - it either broke off or just came up. I could hear air very loudly sucking into the big toe - I felt that even my bone was exposed - at first I had the feeling that when the toe nail opened it would hurt very much, but it did not hurt, and in fact when the air started sucking into the toe, it felt good in a way.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this idea of the big toe being important in Yoga? I would be very appreciative if anyone could offer any thoughts about what the dream could have signified if anything and what the Big Toe's significance is. (I believe that it was my right big toe but I don't know for sure - does right and left have a different significance?)

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.