View Full Version : Various koshas of the body and their potential?

14 March 2017, 07:51 AM

Today is Einstein's birthday!

Therefore approaching traditional ideas in the light of science, it seems right to say that what we thought to be 'miracles' could be perhaps be explained by science...

Following the Schrodinger's Cat experiment in quantum Physics, many people thought that saints appearing in 2 places at the same time, travelling at the light of speed and transcending space and appearing in a place far, far away within an unreasonably short amount of time could all be explained by Quantum Physics.... (Although according to the experiment itself, only sub-atomic particles had the property to manifest itself in all of its possible configurations. That is, if particle A is thought to be 'revolving', then according to the theory of Quantum superposition, at any given moment, 'A' would be present in all locations that it would revolve around. But the theory also stated that such quantum super-positioning is impossible for very large objects, like humans). (There are other good threads on this experiment in HDF).

Therefore, it appears possible that the saintly miracles really have basis in science. Perhaps it could be the 'koshas'.

If the above inference is right, then the following questions arise:

1. What spiritual practices yield to which kosha?
2. What is the outcome of training a particular kosha and conditioning/acquiring control over it?