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28 October 2017, 03:34 PM
Lately I have been in an intensive practice of meditation.

I have found that the body/mind difference may be an illusion or greatly misunderstood at least in my own practice.

In Buddhism (I practice) we have a tantric tradition which talks about "Inner winds". They also talk about body movements that resemble Hatha yoga. I think it's called Yantra Yoga but I could be mistaken.

Either way I am starting to get a call from my own body to understand these inner workings of the physical-psychic system and I would be greatly interested to be informed of Hinduism tradition on this!


markandeya 108 dasa
30 October 2017, 05:20 AM
Namaste Cedar,

Lung in Tibetan tradition is Prana in Sanskrit, so you can research from there and how Prana is understood within the Hindu Traditions.

There is an intimate link between mind and body, but what is mind, its a word that gets used for so many things.

Its only by understanding these inner workings that true knowledge will come, everything begins from the subtle, so its a process of refining the mind through meditation or chosen means to reach those knowledge's. Its an important point that sometimes gets lost, dharma is in the body, mind and heart.

06 November 2017, 08:23 AM
Dear CedarTree

I recommend to read Shiva Svarodaya