View Full Version : Does Krishna advocate the use of astrology?

11 October 2018, 08:46 AM
In any text, does Krishna advocate the use of astrology in a worshipers life? Can you essentially live your entire life as a Hindu without astrology?

30 October 2018, 01:35 PM
It is not known if Lord Krishna particularly addresses the use of or against the use of astrology anywhere. But one of the 5 pandavas, I believe Sahadeva was good at astrology and there have been instances relating to his use of this skill in Mahabharata. If you search the internet, you might be able to view these said instances, I think. At least, in Rama's case, I know that in Ramayana, Vibheeshana was a skilled astrologer and once he predicted dire circumstances from reading Sita's chart (I recall this from memory). Jyotish is not only limited to the predictive aspect, but many other aspects of it, like Hora shastra, muhurta, and such are used a lot in the mundane life of a Hindu. From these aspects, I believe that an average Hindu does use astrology by default to some extent in his life... :D Hope this helps!

Great question, btw!

03 April 2019, 11:56 AM
Makes a lot of sense to draw parallels between Lord Krishna and Sahadeva when it comes to astrology I believe, Viraja. I would have never thought to do that.