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14 November 2018, 03:35 AM
Namaste brothers,

I attempted to share this story at another forum and am now posting here for maximum exposure.

First of all, I would like to introduce myself: For now I would like to be known as "Procyon" and am a man of European descent from the United States. Now from a young age I'd had an interest in literature and science, as well as the occult. Being curious and philosophical by nature I naturally gravitated towards subjects like parapsychology and the scientific study of the paranormal. Indeed, having been sensitive to other realms from a young age I'd witnessed apparitions and psychic phenomena both as a child and an adult. However, it was not until recently that I delved into the darker side of the Hindu Tantras.

Now, I've been studying Tantras on and off for years, and have actually practiced Yoga/Dream Yoga, but in more of an amateurish fashion. Most of the Tantras I'd read were more philosophical in nature, and my attempts at Yoga were more influenced by the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. However, as I grew older the truth of the Hindu religion became more and more apparent to me, and my natural desire to explore the ontological limits of humanity led me to the famous Bhuta Damara Tantra.

When I first received the books I had this strange sense that I had entered a new period in my life. And, upon studying the book, its truth became apparent to me. I do not have a single doubt about Krodha Bhairava or his power; philosophically he is representative of faith guided by reason, but is also most probably a genuine interdimensional entitity. As I read his scripture much became apparent, and the moment I discovered and chanted his mantra I felt him enter my heart and nearly all my fear was obliterated in a single moment. I felt the vigor and strength of ten men, and indeed there were some other strange occurrences, but I will not dwell on this part of my experience.

Naturally, as I read the Tantra I discovered other mantras, such as those of the Bhutinis, Yakshinis, et cetera. However, I did not devote myself to a single spirit, even though I chanted almost every mantra in the text out of respect. Now as for my encounter: On the third night of my study, there was a problem with the heater in my bedroom so I decided to sleep on the couch in my living room near the fire. As it happened, as I was falling asleep, I had a "false awakening" as I heard cries coming from my back door. When I then went to se what the problem was, I noticed an emaciated, stray cat aggressively clawing at the screen and my cat was across from it, watching it. Whether this was astral projection I am not sure, but it certainly seems to have been a case of astral projection and this "stray cat" was the form the "spirit" had chosen to take.

Once I saw this, needless to say, I realized something wasn't right, and so I awoke and then in that state felt this mass upon me and my hair was moving. Indeed, I felt as if I was being caressed and the spirit certainly felt feminine to me though of a TAMASIC nature. Needless to say, I'd felt this sort of sensation before during my spiritual practices, but to see it occur as a direct result of a Tantric study confirmed much of what I intuitively felt about this glorious book. Of course, I'd assumed it wasn't a Yakshini (though I could be wrong) simply because I'd not formally initiated a sadhana.

At that moment I'd remembered what I'd read in the Tantra on how to pacify and possibly tame Bhutas and Yakshinis, and since I felt the being was draining my energy I sprung into action. Unfortunately it was difficult to move while "in union" so at first I tried to communicate with it telepathically, asking if "she" could grant me favors or siddhis but there was no inclination that she was interested in such things. Once this failed, I tried to utter the Bhairava mantra to pacify her but was so nervous that it was difficult for me to recite the whole mantra flawlessly. It was at that point that I remembered the necessity of mudras and so with great psychic effort formed a Bhuta mudra with my right hand; it was at this moment that I was upset and quite interested in showing my power. Once I did this I tried once more to communicate with the Bhuta asking for favors or else she would would be exorcised. It was at this point that she said, "Bad" -- as if to say my attempt to tame her with force was a mistake. Needless to say, at that point I used all my psychic power to sever our connection and at that time saw a blurry orb spring from the couch to the other end of the room.

At this point we were communicating telepathically, and using the strength of the mudras to fortify myself asked the Bhuta to manifest before me. At the same time, I focused on the energy using my third eye and she became manifest, not as a woman, but as a floating CRYSTAL WHEEL type geometric shape surrounded by many more larger circles extending outward. All and all it was about 8 feet in diameter. It remained there floating for about a minute before fading.

After this encounter my libido was non-existent; I was practicing celibacy and felt as if I'd been castrated. I was exhausted and deeply moved by the experience, and am now convinced of the power of the Tantras. I come here today with this story hoping to exchange notes and stories with other Tantriks, as few Westerners understand these powers. So, please, any input or even critique of my methods would be much appreciated.

That is all for now.