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04 March 2020, 10:51 AM
I have found that self-examination through yoga that assuages the mind works a treat in combating mental illnesses brought about by stresses of living in the modern day and age and would recommend it to any one.

The form of yoga I have found helpful is to release the tensions of the mind through writing ones thoughts in a personal diary that one can reflect on as one goes through the normal day to day activities.

I have been doing this for the past 22 years and found that writing such a diary registers one's analytical thoughts in a concrete manner so that one has a memory of what one is going through in one's life.

Such a yoga is swadhyaya or self-examination that determines the truth of how one is coping with ones imminent reality and determining what the Ultimate Reality is.

This takes time in terms of years but it is the manner by which mental anxieties and stresses are alleviated through truth.

Of course each person has to find his or her truths as he or she is able to and so I do not prescribe any truths to anyone except to say that one must not give up hope that truth is there for anyone who wishes to learn about oneself and one's interactions with Nature and the Universe.

Yoga knows no bounds and the thing that worked for me was never to have objectives or plans or strategies or tactics in life, that is to say, have no attachments. Attachments to life, to knowledge (gyana), to beliefs, to desires, to actions (karma), to my Diary, to God, to justice for oneself, to saving one's reputation', to oneself (one's life), to one's family, to ones State, to the world, to ones websites that have been created to spread the word, in fact to anything including the satya-advaita gospel that I have lived by, to leave one's legacy for posterity, etc. gives one the mental anxieties that there then is no solution to one's afflictions that destroy peace of mind.

In the yoga I practice stillness of the mind is the result and one is then happy. Get plenty of sleep. That helps in yoga.

In fact there should be no attachment to yoga as a practice either.

That is total yoga.

Be free.

Today is the start of another resolve to fine tune my yoga and towards this objective refrain from smoking tobacco (cigarettes) that I have been hooked on for the past six months. Surely I thought that I can control my mind through yoga alone and not need anti-psychotic and anti-depressant medications and other external sources of recreational drugs and talking therapy reliefs to cope with the tensions and stresses that I suffer in determining the truth about myself and the universe including all of humanity and Nature at large. I am trying out a new theory hence by stop being a scientist determining truths as I have been doing and focus on my well being so that I can lead a happy life of what is left of it.

I have been practicing yoga for the past 22 years and have experimented on my mind continually and have not yet found the solution to mental anxieties. This is because I have been attached to science and determining truths.

So today I am trying out mind control by losing the remnants of my attachments.