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12 April 2022, 02:49 PM

In my eyes Swami Shivananda is the most tragic figure regarding commercialized Yoga and other gimmickry in the West, a Yoga that is reduced to physical exercises only.

Swami Shivananda has become the hallmark of a Yoga factory.

In Germany you can become a (so called) Yoga teacher within 4 weeks and after this you can found your own (so called) Yoga shool and advertise with name and image of this Guru you have never seen.

Most of these Yoga teachers have never been to India, have not any relation/respect for India and its eternal wisdom, but they call themselves devotees of Swami Shivananda just to make money with his name.

This is Europe's largest provider of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda located in Germany misusing Swami Shivananda.


22 May 2022, 02:11 AM

When people are merely worried about their physical appearance, any catchy diet/exercise routine would attract them. As far as yoga is concerned, it is unfortunate that the trend in many countries is to move away from any spiritual aspects of it and use only the physical component. There is nothing that can be done to awaken a whole race which has gone into deep slumber. All we can do is save ourselves.