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21 August 2022, 09:38 PM

Here is a Shabd (bhajan) from Ang 988 of SGGS, being sung at Harminder Sahib - Dhan Dhan tu Mata Devaki


And by Bhai Manjeet Singh Jeevan



22 August 2022, 10:06 AM

When I see and hear a Sikh singing Krishna and Devaki bhajans, I have to ask a question.

It should be said in advance that I have never dealt with the body of ideas of the Sikh. Have been to Amritsar and some smaller temples on the way. I felt welcome everywhere and I did not have the impression Sikh are not happy people.

There are not may Indians in Germany, the most are Sikh from Punjab, owning Indian restaurants. I heard from them that they are persecuted in India, some said they have to fear for their life there. It was not possible to find out more, due to their vocabulary. I want to believe them, but can’t imagine what they tell me.

What’s the problem of the Sikh? Do they have a problem with India or has India a problem with them?

Thanks and Pranam

22 August 2022, 12:30 PM

Please read this thread and then we can talk more,



23 August 2022, 11:58 AM
Thanks Believer,

I read your post, but must confess, for the following posts I lack a lot of knowledge to understand them in depth.

In short … it is the usual religious quarrel, initiated by Christian missionaries.

What I ponder about is, what was the reason for this ‘Classical Sikhism, that arose from Sanatana Dharma’? Was it to unite Islam and Hinduism? If yes, why? Or did they just want to be a community like Vaishnavas, Shaivas, Shaktas …?

Were the ‘non-Sikh Punjabis’ Hindus?

Did/do Sikh Punjabis feel like Indians? (The reason why I talked to this one restaurant owner Sikh was, that I realized that he does not like India like I do and I asked him ‘are you Indian?’)

Which role did the Islam play?

May be you remember the post about my trip to the Muslim part of Silk Road, where I could experience so much similarities between Hinduism and Islam.


24 August 2022, 11:04 PM

Guru Nanak, the first sikh guru was a mystic in the SD Bhakti tradition as were the following 9 gurus. All Sikhs came from Hindu families. The entire mystic literature was compiled into a book and the tenth guru declared that to be the guru going forward. Also the tenth guru is the one who called the followers of their tradition sikhs. A big purpose of the sikh religion was to protect the traditional Hinduism and fight against conversion of Hindus and Sikhs into Islam. Islamic forces in power at the time tortured and beheaded some gurus, their families and their close associates for refusing to convert to Islam.

Fast forward to the current times. The powers to be in sikhism wanted to distance themselves from Hinduism/Hindus and protect a separate identity. So, they promote division. But Hindus and sikhs live in harmony in Punjab as well as elsewhere. A section of sikhs were and continue to be incited and funded by Pakistani intelligence to fight for a seperate sikh homeland called Khalistan - land of the pure. This is a low cost strategy by Pakistan to bleed India and create and sustain instability. In Canada there are quite a few 'Khalistanis'. They provide material, logistical and vote support to Trudeau, who is beholdern to them and allows anti-India activities from their soil.

Sikhs in the West pretending to be persecuted in India use that as an excuse for getting asylum. The whole issue has many angles. But overall, Hindus and Sikhs are one. In fact during the Mughal period, the eldest son in every Punjabi Hindu family would become sikh and be part of the defender team against Islam. That is how their numbers increased from the original followers.

Hope that clears up some confusion.