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17 June 2007, 06:30 PM
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Dear Vedic Scholars,
With the collaboration of a team of scholars including Michel Angot, R. Chandrashekar, Susan Rosenfield, B. V. K. Sastry, and Michael Witzel, Michael Everson and I have prepared a proposal to the Unicode Consortium (http://www.unicode.org/consortium/consort.html) to revise the Unicode Standard (http://www.unicode.org/) to include characters necessary for encoding Vedic Sanskrit. We presented the proposal to the Working Group 2 committee in Frankfurt in April and, after gathering comments by the general community of scholars, plan to present it to the Unicode Technical Committee at their meeting beginning 6 August. Please review the proposal and send your comments. If you would like to be included in a discussion list concerning the proposal please indicate so. The proposal is located at the following sites:

http://sanskritlibrary.org/VedicUnicode/ (http://sanskritlibrary.org/VedicUnicode/)
where it may be navigated to from the main Sanskrit Library site
http://sanskritlibrary.org (http://sanskritlibrary.org)

It is also posted at:


We are eager to get Vedic characters included in the Unicode Standard and look forward to your comments and contributions. We are particularly interested in evidence of the marking of Vedic characters in scripts other than Devanagari. Scholars familiar with Vedic in other Indic scripts are kindly requested to indicate by reference to the code charts at the end of our proposal whether a character there is also used in a particular script or not or if a different character is used instead. A digital image and reference accompanying such comments would be particularly helpful. Comments and evidence by surface mail are also welcome at the address below. Please send email comments directly to me at Scharf@brown.edu (Scharf@brown.edu).
Yours sincerely,
Peter Scharf
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