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23 June 2007, 10:46 AM
Hari Om

This is a continuation of Rasi's part 1.
IF you recall, we said the word ra-si comes from their combination of Rama + Sita, All that can be given in this world…Rama the fullness of Being ( Brahman) and Sita, the giver of all material gains ( Laksmi) come from this.

Another way to look at this is: what are the two poles of life we may experience on this earth? That of material gains, and that of spiritual unfoldment, two extremes in one life… Now who is Karaka of the material side of life? Rahu. And who is karaka of the spiritual side ? Ketu. Ketu is also called Sikhi. From this we get Rahu+Sikhi And Ra+Si or rasi arises from the the two.
This is to say, the the rasi's within the zodiac offers these two values , from material all the way to the spiritual - and one sustains the other. One must have good health. Food, clothing and shelter for ones spiritual progress to move forward; as we have discussed spiritual pursuits with the distraction of an empty stomach, no roof over ones head, etc. retards our progress. It does not stop it, but for the avg. person is constrains the pursuit of Kevalya. So, who says this?

Satapatha brahmana, or the Brahmana of 100 paths
katama ädityä iti. dvädaça mäsäù
Saàvatsarasyaita ädityä ete hédaà
sarvamädadänä yanti tadyadidaà
sarvamädadänä yanti tasmädädityä iti.
Translation: We speak of the aditya.
The twelve masa (months) that make a savatsara (year) are aditya.
They are the source of every material creation causing desire, delight,
passion, intoxication, exhilaration and stupor as well as the desire that causes wars and fighting. They are the source of everything that is ever received for they alone are the givers of everything and hence they are the aditya.

So, lets continue…let's outline these 12 rasi's or signs. We discussed why there are 12 houses in part 1. I would prefer 10 as it would make my life easier as a mandala of 10 and the spiritual number of 10, but that is not to be! Lets begin…

We know the signs ( rasi's) are derived from dvadasa aditiya , or the 12 signs of the sun (Surya). These 12 signs are also known as Kakapurusha, or the body of time eternal. Some even refer to the zodiac, looking like a clock, with the 12 signs as the hour marks, and this is called the Sudarshana Chakra, the wheel of Vsnu.

These rasi's rise from the horizon and can come up shirshodaya or rise head first ; Signs that come tail first are pristhodaya; Pisces, the natural 12th house, is both pristhodaya & shirshodaya. You can see this in the sky when viewing the constellations. More on this later.

Aries or Mesha, the Ram; the first sign also called aja first born or adya, the beginning; Mesha rises tail first. It is a sign of action/energy,or ragoguna, and owned by Mars ( Mangala), tajas, or agni tattva, fire. [ tattva = 'that-ness' or the quality of, the element of.]

Taurus or Vrishabha, the Bull; also known as vrsa the male of any animal, virile; justice or virtue personified as a bull; the chief of a class or the best in anything; also gau the cow. Vrishabha rises tail first. It is prithivi tattva, that of earth, material. It is owned by Venus, or Shukra. Taurus is considered rago-guna or action/energy oriented.

Gemini or Mithuna the Twins or pair, couple, etc. rises head first. It is vayu tattva (air or gaseous). It is owned by Budha or Mercury. This rasi is considered tamo-guna, that of being inert.

Cancer or Karkata, the crab, rises tail first; is jala tattva ( water or fluid) This is a very satvic sign (that of purity, truthfulness). Chandra is the lord of this rasi.

Leo of Simha - the Lion, courage, royalty. Leo is a satvic rasi, owned by Surya, the sun and indicator of royalty, 'king-ness'. Leo rises head first into the day. Leo is tajas tattva.

Virgo or Kanya - The Girl, the virgin; yet the sign is considered tamo guna. This rasi is owned by Budha, it rises head first. This rasi is considered prithivi tattva.

Libra or Tula - the scales, or balanced. Libra is vayu tattva; the sign is lorded by Shukha, Venus. This sign rises head first from the horizon. It is considered rago guna and vayu tatva.

Scorpio or Vrischchika the scorpion; also kita, the insect. It rises head first, is rago guna. It is co-owned by Mars (Mangal) and Ketu , as it is the 8th house, a most prominent moksha house. It is jala tattva.

Sagittarius or Dhanuh, dhanus bow, or archer; It is of satwa guna and tajas tattva; Dhanuh rises with it's back forst into the sky. This rasi is owned by Jupiter, Guru also known as Brihaspati.

Capricorn or Makra as the goat, yet makara (sea monster); This sign rises back first; It's considereed tamo guna and is prithivi tattva. It is owned by Sani ( Saturn) Sani , the one that limps. MOre on sani as he will be transiting into Leo on JUly 15th of this year and we should review the implications thereof.

Aquarius or Kumbha the water pot. This rasi is also Sani owned. It is vayu tattva and tamo guna. Interesting to note this sign ( like Scorpio) Is co-lorded. In this case it is rahu that co-owns Kumbha. Kumbha rises head first.

Pisces or Meena the fish also antya (end or last as Pisces is the 12 house; PIsce is sattvc and jala atattva. Pisces rises with head and tail simultaneoulsy. A very good sign indeed for one seeking moksha, as the 12 house, moksha rasi.

Note that for tattva's we outlined vayu (air principle), prithivi or earth, solid principle, tajas or fire/energy principle, jala or water/fluid principle...
Where is my favorite aksha or space? Since all the other tattva's need space to exist, akasha is the back-drop for all the tattva's , the 'canvas' or 'white movie screen' for all other tattva and guna's to unfold and display their qualities...this akasha is owned by Brihaspati, the lord of the deva's,; He is guru, He is also known as Brahmanapati, and is the baseline, the foundation that is existing for all signs.

More as we continue in Part 3. we will consider movable, fixed and dual [ Brahma, Visnu and Siva ] signs and what this means. We will also see common traits of the rasi's, we will see trines happen or sets of 3's and discuss the implications - past , present and future; rajas, tamas and sattva; pitta, kapha and vata, etc.

data eka räma bhikäri sari duniyä - the giver is the one Rama, the world is a beggar.