View Full Version : Tapping and Chakras

02 July 2007, 11:25 PM
For some reason last night I had trouble falling asleep so I stayed up longer by reading on the interent.

I just felt something behind the eyes and I was just like on "Go" rather than go to sleep. Eventhough I took a few minutes before sleeping to meditate did not help with getting to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with this kind of, just normal mode, kind of mindset? You know? Just some where deep inside I felt kind of bothered or tense. I just couldn't be. I begin to wonder if studying Buddhism is actually bothorsome for me now because I just can't simply be. Or, I am always being too intimate with myself or something. It is hard to exlplain.

While at work, I was having trouble with just feeling realaxed. Like, being alive is enough. So, this was borthersome. Worrysome. Some doubt about my practice setteled in too.

I found some relief and having a chat with someone about things that main stream people whon't even discuss with ya and that was relieving a bit.

I then looked up Chakra on youtube and found this thing on tapping. I dunno if it is legitamate or not but, I found that by practicing their technique it was rather relieving.

It relieved some of the tension and relaxation came in. I felt better. Eventhough I am very sleep right now, I actually got some energy from it too. Strange...

How strange it is that simple tapping can actually stimulate something, I dunno what it is. A part of me is afraid to practice this because I feel I am stupid for doing it. Like, okay, I am tapping myself. Or, even, it is evil because it is eastern philosophy.

I grew up in Christian culture so you know, everything not of the Bible is just of Satan and so therefore, Yoga is considered evil which is just silly. I have done Yoga at school and it very far from being evil.

Well, if anyone could share their knowledge about Chakras and if those practices are considered legitamate, that would be nice.