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05 July 2007, 12:48 PM
Hari Om


Thank you Arvind for your 9th house post. I thought I would add a bit to the conversation, as the 9th is my favorite bhava ( house)

By now, I am in hopes people are seeing some patterns arise in the houses Arvind has called out. One pattern is the following. 4 key areas of life, cycle though 3 times in one's chart ( 4 X 3 = 12 signs or houses), they are the following:

The 4 purushaarthas's

Dharma- in ones chart this dharma repeats 3 times; the 1st the 5th and the 9th houses. Dharma is that which upholds.. but upholds what? Right thinking, living, acting, doing i.e. sattvic behavior and is key to a society.
Artha– repeats 3 times 2nd, 6th, 10th houses, and is of wealth matters or the generation and accumulation thereof.
Kama– 3rd, 7th, 11th houses, and the desires of the individual.
Moksha– 4th , 8th and 12th houses. Moksha or Enlightenment has to do with liberation; its interesting to note that the 4th house is here indicating education, which helps with moksha. Also the 12th house, which has to do with sleep, or rest, meditation, helping with moksha.

So, as we speak of the 9th house, one's attention to dharma is considered. Note that the trines , the 1st, 5th and 9th houses are Dharma houses. The trines are held in high regard in jyotish as they are the abode of Sri Lakshmi. From Ganesha's perspective Sri Bhalachandra is in the 9th house as Ganesa , the Moon-crested one.

The ninth house has several karaka's ( significators or indicators) , they are:
One's father - significator is Sun ( Surya or Ravi)
Teacher or guru - significater is Jupiter ( Brihaspiti or Guru)
Religion - significator is Sun ( Surya or Ravi), ruling temples
Fortune - Jupiter, as the natural tattva of expansion, akasha
Spiritualism- Ketu, significator of moksa. Note this is different then religion , yes?
Long distance travel - Venus (Sukra)
Diksha - Jupiter ( Guru)
Joining a sect or religious order - Jupiter (Guru)

This ninth house as Dharma, the real protector , is also called Visnu sthana or Dharma bhava as Vsnu is the protector and sustainer of this creation.[ Hari Om]

Now there is a rule called karaka bhava nasa - or significators (karaka's) in the house they signify brings a blemish to that house. Well for the 9th dharma house, this do not hold true, and in this case enhance the 9th house. So , one needs to know this, becase many joytishis may see this in one's chart and not be ware of this exception to the rule.
Hense, having the Sun in the 9th, ketu, jupiter, etc is a boon. This is the case in my chart... Sun + Venus+ Ketu+Mercury are there. Now where is the blemish? Rahu looks to the 9th house from the 3rd house, and this causes a blemish to ones father ( as it did in my chart)... again, showing good with not so good occurs.

Now the 9th house from the Arudha Lagna shows good fortunes and protection of the native. Since the Arudha is the 'refection' this 9th from it will show the material gains.

Father is seen from the 9th house, and the 9th house from the sun. Grandfather then is seen from the 9th from the 9th ( your father= 9th + His father = 9th from the 9th or the 5th house from the lagna).

A little deeper : For those jyotishi's that are working with varga charts [ divisional charts or amsa's ] If one wanted to see how past actions have come through the generations of one's father's lineage, one would look to the D45 chart called the Akshavedamsa. Now the rationale is this. Each higher divisional chart is harmonic of the Kundali chart or birth chart. These then go up by 12 or portion of 12 for each new divisional chart. So take the 45th varga chart and divide by 12 = 36. 36 + 9 = 45.
So this 9th remainder tells one to look within the 45th amsa chart and the 9th house there for the generations of the father's lineage.

This again is the wisdom of the past joytishi's and their parampara passing this down from guru-to-sisya tradition.

What of the Navamsa chart? the 1/9th division? This is a very important chart of relationships, but for me its also called the Dharmamsa chart. If we look to the 9th house from the lagna of the Navamsa chart , called the lagnamasa, graha's in the 9th make one passionate. Recall the Navamsa is related to spouses, and relationships. So, what of the dharma aspect? Jupiter in this position makes one 'obedient' to the guru, and and sun in this location makes one dutiful to ones father. The passion for spouse as you would expect would come from venus and mars being in the 9th house in this divisional chart.

Where is the 9th lord placed? Who owns the 9th house? It's of great import as its a trine, deals with religion and spiritual matters, and hence this lord is associated with the Divine. Let me call out just one or two ideas here, of the 9th lord in a various places, the native will experience the following (+/-):

If the 9th lord is placed in the Lagna or 1st house - intelligent, interested in public service. The ninth house represents government so placed in the lagna, the body or personality of the individual, lagna, this will occur.
Look to Sri Ram. His 9th lord Jupiter, was in the 1st house, Cancer AND exalted. In the 1st house, the moon resided, which owns Cancer. How much more Divine can one be? Jupiter + Moon in the 9th and in cancer gave Bhagwan Laxmi Yoga, the one of many blessings in His chart.
So, you would say where is the blemish is Bhagwan's chart yajvan? Look to the 4th house - that of mother. Who is in the 4th, Sani. It was his stepmother that assisted in Sri Ram and Sita's trip to the forest for 14 years.
If the 9th lord aspects the lagna, this produces the desire ( Graha dristi) or actual delivery ( rasi dristi) of higher learning. Sri Ram's benefit of Vasistha & Visvamitra.An interesting side note:
If you recall in our discussions on the 8th house, the 3rd house came into play there, correct? Well consider the 9th house:

the 9th = the 7th house counted from the 3rd house.
The 3rd house shows co-borns, usually younger ones then you.
Well the 7th from the 3rd, or the 9th house will shows your co-borns spouse.Let me leave you with the wisdom of my teacher regarding the 9th house...
'the principles governing the life of the native (you) are seen from the house position ( of the 9th house, it's sign, etc) and planets conjoining the 9th lord'