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21 July 2007, 07:14 PM
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According to Buddhist (Mahayana) teachings, the uncontrolled body, speech and mind are manifestation of karma.

Actions of body, speech and mind leave imprints upon the consciousness like seeds planted in a field. When the conditions are right, these imprints ripen into experiences. Positive imprints, or good karma bring the result of happiness. Likewise, negative imprints, or bad karma will bring suffering.

Actions are considered to be either complete or incomplete.

Now, every action has four aspects which determine whether they are complete or incomplete.

The four aspects of action are: motivation, object, performance and completion.

If the action is complete in all four aspects it can determine your state of rebirth into one of the six samsaric realms.

If the action is missing one or more of the 4 aspects, it becomes known as a completing karma, determining the quality of the experiences you will have in this life and future rebirths.

A completing karma brings three types of result:
1. the result similar to the cause in experience
2. the result similar to the cause in habit
3. the environmental result

I am interested in hearing from the members of this board, a description of karma from the Hindu point of view.

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04 March 2008, 02:10 AM
I also believe in this one and it's really scary.