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28 July 2007, 12:04 PM
This coming August 27 will mark the 7-year anniversary of the death of the Hindu saint, Shanti Kali Maharaj (Shanti Tripura). I am not sure if everyone is aware of him, but I see no reason for anyone of us not to know him. Shanti Kali worked among the tribal community in Tripura, setting up ashrams, schools, and orphanages around the state. On the August 27th of 2000, he was inside one of his ashrams when he was shot and killed by ten guerillas belonging to the Christian militant organization, NLFT, for refusing to convert along with his followers.

I hope we can take a moment to remember his sacrifice on that day.

30 July 2007, 01:51 AM
Thanks for bringing this up. I do not know Shanti Kali Maharah personally, but heard about him from another Swami who was I think his co-worker in NE. The other Swami is presently engaged in Gujarat and very successfully stopped the millitant christian activities among the tribals there.

The courage and fearlessness of these persons indeed bewildered me. The vedic principles of satya and abhay truly shine in them.