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17 August 2007, 02:37 PM
Hari Om


Did you ever wonder 'why did that [ fill in the blank ] happen now?'

That action could be a money event, resistance or grief, good fortune, illness, meeting a new friend, etc. Why is the time that this (event) occurs pregnant for that event and not another?

In Jyotish there is this notion of saham's [ offically sahama ] that are in ones chart. They are mathematical points that trigger actions to happen - perhaps a raja yoga that is favorable, or a guru-mangala yoga , an action with a disciple and guru, or a mritya-ayus death-longevity event. These points are calculated and then noted on ones chart. AS various grahas transit (gochara) over these points things begin to happen. Especially when the graha is the karaka or lord of that particular saham. Say Jupiter as karkaka for fortunes passes over Punya saham this may cause an event to yield fruit.
Some people time their activities to these sahams to increase the likely hood for success e.g. foreign travel is paradesa saham , so starting ones travel at that time with the lord of the 9th house would be beneficial.
Like that, another tool for a jyotisha to consider... Add in the Dasa period also, and one improves the 'optics' of seeing the fruition of these events occuring.

The formulas are longitudes ° and there is a reversal in calculations for a night birth. In the Formula below (A – B + C) is for daytime charts. For nighttime charts, it changes to (B – A + C). I know of ~ 36 sahams; there are 50 called out by Jyotishi Neelkantha. Here is just a few:

Sahama________ Meaning_______ Formula
Punya___________Fortune__________ Moon – Sun + Lagna
Vidya ___________Education________ Sun – Moon + Lagna
Yasas __________ Fame ___________Jupiter – PunyaSaham + Lagna
Mitra ___________ Friend__________ Jupiter – PunyaSaham + Venus
Mahatmya_______ Greatness _______PunyaSaham – Mars + Lagna
Asha___________ Desires__________ Saturn – Mars + Lagna
Putra___________ Children_________ Jupiter – Moon + Lagna
Roga ___________Disease__________ Lagna – Moon + Lagna (=day & night)
Kali____________ Great misfortune __Jupiter – Mars + Lagna
Sastra _________Sciences _________Jupiter – Saturn + Mercury