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Arvind Sivaraman
11 September 2007, 11:36 PM
Om Shirdi Sai Ram.

Uttara Phalguni " The Later Reddish One" 26.40 to 10.00 Virgo

Symbol- bed (four legs), or hammock
Deity- Aryaman, one of the Adityas, rules patronage, kindness, and favors. Bhaga and Aryaman are invoked together
Stars- Denebola, situated in the Lionís tail, quick mind, noble, generous, with high honors, but has an association with people with bad reputations.
Mythology - Aryaman governs marriage contracts, and protects family inheritance. Shiva and Shakti were married under this asterism.
Indications - Friendship is important to these helpful, kind individuals. They are happiest when married. Relationships and family unity are important. The meanings of Purva Phalguni apply here as well, just a little subdued. It is called the "Star of Patronage" for their love of humanity and caring sincere nature. They want to alleviate the suffering in society. Basically the Phalguniís are known to have a happy marriage. But, since this nakshatra cannot stand to be alone, they may settle for anybody, and become involved in a co-dependent relationship, leading to resentments and marriage problems. They are courageous and good with people, leading them into powerful positions. There is a tendency to be controlling and very stubborn.