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25 October 2007, 11:21 AM
Namaste, My name is David Mastry. I have been practicing Japa since the summer of '68. I became a chela of the Logos the first time I practiced Japa utilizing the Mantra Aum. This is explaine by Swami Sivananda in the book on Japa published by the Divine Life Society and is mentioned by the author Trevor Ravenscroft in his book "The Spear of Destiny." Some four and a half years ago I had been attacked by black magicians whom had obtained some of my hair. Faced with battling this phenomenon post haste I discovered that prayers to the Light, in Sanskrit were my best defense and I am alive and well to this day thanks to their use. Recently I moved to a new dwelling overlooking the American River here in No. Calif. I have a East facing window overlooking the river that I do my morning mantras to Surya from. The second week I had a visitation from a Deva in my living room on 2 nights out of 3. The following week I was taking photos, just below my window, of the spectacular sunsets occuring on two successive nights. I had been recently been given an older Olympus 2.1 megapixel camera to entice me into digital photography. Out of the 150 or so shots taken two showed up with Devas. The shot taken the first night shows 6 of them above the trees just outside my window. The shot taken the second night shows 1 in the form I recognized of that I saw in my living room. The photo is askance due to my trying to capture the cloud formations in the shot. They have a hummingbird or fairy shape when in motion. They are allowing me to photograph them for substantiation of cause. I am currently writin a book on the astrological birth-chart of Yeshua Ben-David a.k.a. Jesus Christ. I have determined the true date and time of his birth. The photos can be seen at the website, linsdomain, follow the prompts to the click on for more photos of sprites and orbs and look at the 2 taken on the American River. The Sun Matras ROCK! Aum Tat Sat Aum, David A. Mastry. ps I will try to upload the photos to this site.