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pujarie five o
31 October 2007, 04:38 PM
Hey whats up HDF and thank you Satay for the intro. Glad to be locked on. I am a devotee of Sri Maha Kali from Trinidad And Tobago West Indies where i have attended a multitude of Shakti Temples both of sacrifice and non sacrifice.hope to have a positive input with members as discussions broaden the intellect.
Jai maha kali.
until next time

Nuno Matos
31 October 2007, 06:44 PM

Hi! Pujarie five o. Wellkome to HDF from my part.

31 October 2007, 06:52 PM

Welcome :)


31 October 2007, 07:30 PM
Jai Ma!

what the mean of:
Shakti Temples both of sacrifice and non sacrifice

do you have private shrine or mandala in your home? what the daily sadhanas your doing?

Do you have Mata Kali good bhajans or kirtans?

pujarie five o
01 November 2007, 01:09 PM
in Trinidad and tobago there are two modes of worshipping Kali Maa one not preffered by me but due to globalisation and animal rights some temples are ( local term:SADA) non sacrificial where none of the items listed below are offered instead the use fruits and flowers and so forth and others are sacrificial where Goats, Fowls, Cigarettes and Alcohol are offered to appease the devi and deotas. these temples are usually run by a Pujarie(sometimes someone who has ties to Tamil Nadu through ancestors but not much education) who acts as the leader, there they will perform offering not pooja to the mother and other deotas and then have what is reffered to as a calling up ( a devotee with the spiritual siddhi is possessed by the devi or deota and then tends to the public needs.) have my personal shrine where i do every morning devotion to Maha Kali. i.e. offering of water, lightinig lights, offering flowers, perfume, incense,water for feet, tilka,water for drinking, aarti, breathing exercises and then japa. Then on Fridays whole day fast (no salt) devotion three times per day and on Sunday pooja for mother. Most of the bhajans and Kirtans of mata kali that i own are downloaded from the internet via you tube. really great.
whats you take on Kali Worship.

01 November 2007, 01:23 PM

03 November 2007, 05:47 PM
Most of the bhajans and Kirtans of mata kali that i own are downloaded from the internet via you tube. really great.
whats you take on Kali Worship.

Hi Pujarie,
I not worship Kali Mother in my shrine. I worshiping Ganesha and Syama Tara Baghavati...^_^...
but i very like Kali Ma ^^
i dont have Kali Ma rupang (sclupture), and i dont know, what the rules to worshiping Kali Ma in my shrine...

what can i do to download and save youtube devotional video??
I cant save in my computer. To listen, i must online.

thank you^^

pujarie five o
06 November 2007, 06:13 AM
shain whats up;
great to see communication upkeep. as for you tube was easy for me dont know what type of system you run. i went to real.com and downloaded my real player( formally real one). there is a check box for you to install download player.Use version 10.
To the best of my knowledge Tara Bhagawati is one of the ten forms of Kali Maa so i think you do worship Kali Maa:).
If you are talking about the mode of worship my way is an old Tamil way but i still follow rules from the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam and the Kalika (Devi) Purana.
Upon a plantain leaf we offer sweetrice with bananas ontop with a green coconut on her left and a dry husked(careful not to let the three eyes show) coconut on the right along with lapsey and soharie, different sweets. after which during the procession or puja the green is cut and the dry split in two with one blow of a cutlass(shaped like a khadga). the top of the dry is offered to maa and the bottom half i.e. the part with the eyes) is cleaned(the husk removed) and a lighting camphor is placed in it and offered to maa whilst performing aarti.
Also have forum under same handle in audarya fellowship check it out posted a new one about Durga puja blood sacrifice. check it out and give me a feed back.
Where are you from. what is your native tongue.

06 November 2007, 12:11 PM
kali is really helpful, they should give her a raise

she never fails to cut off my head whenever I ask for it....instant anxiety relief...

I like reading about your traditional practicies, I hope you post more about your experiences.

06 November 2007, 08:48 PM
Welcome! I can personally relate to your love of Maa Kali. I just became devoted to Her today (Maa Kali the Mahavidya). Once I did, I instantly realized what She truly stood for. I thought She stood for death and destruction and so I was afraid of Her and avoided even using Her Name (even in writing) for fear of punishment for a mistake.

However, now I realize that She tells us that nothing is eternal but Divinity and whatever Divinity allows to be eternal. This is why She's a Mahavidya - because She teaches us something important about life and something that'll help us achieve moksha.

Worship all of the Mahavidyas is my advice to a fellow Shakta such as yourself. Then, you will achieve liberation through Maa Devi's Grace.

06 November 2007, 08:48 PM
what you meaning about:
dry husked(careful not to let the three eyes show)
whos three eyes? me? or Kali Maa Three eyes?

I am from Indonesia, i speak Indonesian and chinesse, so my english is bad..hehe...

pujarie five o
07 November 2007, 04:48 AM
what i mean :
mentally visualise a dry coconut there would be a bottom(the part that you will see if it is on the tree when you look up) and the top the part where it is attached to the stem attached to the tree or bunch. Now when you husk it the bottom is removed by a cutlass or machet and cleaned to remove all fibres the top is not cleaned all the way it is faded into a point or churki protecting the three eyes.
from what i have learnt is that the three eyes are the representation of the holy trinity Brahma Visnu and Maheswara or Swarswati,Lakshmi and Kali.
Now you are not supposed to open the eyes before it is offered because even though it is gods one only after it has been cracked and all victories of you are attained then you remove the rest of the husk.
A dry coconut represents a sacrifice a life this is why persons who do not offer blood offer a dry coconut. this dry represents your five elements, your ego,lust,envy,anger,pride the five sheats that we have to get rid off in the journey to spirituality.
if you have not noticed this before go get one and take a look. will try to get a pic and post it on site for you.
did you have any luck with you tube. nah your english alright. you should hear trini's talk in the home land.

pujarie five o
07 November 2007, 05:00 AM
greetings Haridas and Ladyhydralisk i so happy to see other members replying to the posts. Kali Kali Kali Kali Kali she is so beautiful in her so many forms that really and trully she is beyond description with words but just repeating her name will raise your pores.tell us something about yourselves. Kali worship is great atleast to me i find it is a one on one approach to that divine being. She loves you and will always guide you to meet your brother and sisters. Her road is straight and very very narrow but once you stand for truth she always guides you in the right direction.