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13 November 2007, 09:18 PM
Hari Om

On the 22 of November at 5:04 AM ( Varanasi, India) Guru (Jupiter) will enter Sagittarius. This is called its ingress, samkranti and some write sankranti. This is a Thursday owned by Guru and the rasi that Guru transits into is Sagittarius or Dhanuh [or Dhanu]. Sagittarius is the natural 9th house (bhava) of Bha Chakara or of the Zodiac. This 9th house is also owned by Guru, a trinal position of the natural zodiac.

Just a note on the sankrati of Jupiter/Guru into Sagittarius. As a graha enters a new rasi there is period of time that it takes to get settled in. Just as you do when you enter a new home, or a new space, you settle into that location.

Settling In Time
With all graha's then there is this transition time of settling in. There's all kinds of (orderly) rules for each graha, the nakshatra they enter and the sigh/rasi. We will not review them as the rules are substantial. I wanted to just give a glimpse of this, so you are aware of it, and its practial applicaiton at the end of the post.

The ingress times are measured in ghatis¹. And the behaviors may be such as favorable ( like punya kAla) and their various phala or fruits the graha will bear. There is a school of thought that suggests one will begin to feel the effects of the graha even before it enters into the new rasi.

Guru Settling In time
So for jupiter it is 88 ghatis for its transition into the new sign (in general). So let say the sankranti = 0° Sagittarius for Guru. On each side of that 0° there would be 44 ghati's before entry and 44 gathi's after its entry as its settling in time. This is considered a sandhya or gap period. You will see many temples performing puja and homam (yajya) at this time for Guru, as they welcome a guest to a new home to afford him comfort and settling in.

What is a duration of 1 ghati (some write ghatika)? It is 24 minutes.
So 24 min X 88 ghati = 35.20 hrs. That suggests 17.60 hours before Guru transits 0° Sagittarius, it begins its 'offical' transit, and enters the sandhya [some write samdhya] period.

For the Grahas
Rule of thumb is the following... the bigger the planet the more ghatis are used for the transition time. Lets start with the sun and work are way out using the days of the week for the order and ghati's shown.

Sun - 32
Moon - 2
Mars -9
Mercury -6
Jupiter- 88
Venus -9
Saturn -160

For the astronomers that would argue the Sun is the largest body in the solar system and this is true. And the sun really does not ingress or move from sign to sign as it is the earth that is doing the moving.

Influence Begins before sandhya
Now this school of thought that suggests the graha start their influence , how much I do not know how to calculate, before entering the new rasi.

Sun - 5 days
Moon - 3 ghati's
Mars -8 days
Mercury - 7 days
Jupiter- 2 months
Venus -7 days
Saturn -6 months

Points Worth Mentioning

Jupiter in its gap period is worthy of extra sadhana...I know I will conider this as we enter the 17th hour before and after Guru's transit.
Jupiter is in the natural 9th house of Bha Chakra ( the zodiac). A natural trine Location . Trines are Lakshmi locations; that of prosperity ans flourishing. This does not always suggest material wealth in each case. Prosperity of sadhana is a worthy goal. Yet abundance is something Lakshmi is noted for.
The 9th house is a natural dharma house , and is owned by Guru in this case, Sagittarius.
Its worthy of note that the grahas get a head start to their new home and influence. Lets say for Jupiter as it enters a native's 2nd house. The native may think, 'now is the time for wealth generation' as the 2nd house and Jupiter influences this. It is not until Jupiter is settled in will one see the benefits. In fact , for Jupiter it's more in the middle of the rasi that it will bear fruit. NOW, since Jupiter is going into Sagittarius and its Moolatrikona position for the 1st 10 degrees one needs to be aware and mindful that the fruit may come during this time. Not right at ingress, as that is the time for propitiation of Guru, but after it has settled in, after the few few weeks, then one may consider actions of the 2nd house.1. More on ghati & calculations see HDF post http://www.hindudharmaforums.com/showpost.php?p=13218&postcount=1