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17 November 2007, 06:10 AM
Hello to all!
My name is Flavio and I'm from Italy.
In recent years I became attracted by Lord Ganesha,and I started to read books about him and of course the Gita and books about Vedas.
I'm very happy to have found this forum,because I read lots of interesting facts here and I hope you can help me understand Lord Ganesha and Sanathana Dharma better.

17 November 2007, 07:59 AM
Buongiorno e Namaste, Flavio! ^___^

I hope you will enjoy HDF here! It's a wonderful resource in itself, and although I myself am also new, I already feel like it is home to me. :)

So why were you so attracted to Lord Ganesha, by the way? What is it about Him that led you to Him? :D

Hari Om,

17 November 2007, 08:52 AM

Eastern Mind
17 November 2007, 09:15 AM
So why were you so attracted to Lord Ganesha, by the way? What is it about Him that led you to Him? :D


Is it not the other way around? Ganesha finds you?

Nuno Matos
17 November 2007, 10:44 AM

Hello Flavio and welcome!

17 November 2007, 03:26 PM
Thanks to all for the welcome!
I like Lord Ganesha being simple and complex at the same time,and maybe you are right,He chose me and it's not that I chose him! :)

17 November 2007, 07:03 PM


21 November 2007, 08:23 PM
welcome !

i love Lord Ganesha too ^'^
i chant His mantra from my lineage Guru everyday
when i learn in university, i tell Lord Ganesha, i want to be His bhakta in my life! And i love Him.
He is lovely form of God, He is Father, He is cute funny and good Friend!
If we have pure heart to Him, He will happy!

my Guru teach me, Ganesha like carrot! especially carrot who have leaf.
many my Dharma brothers and sisters from Indonesia, USA, Taiwan and Japan have spiritual experience with Sri Ganesh, and many of them said Sri Ganesh is cute!
My Beloved Guru tell me in His book, Ganesha give Him Dharsan, the cute Dharsan, Ganesha said "From this carrot leaf I can calculate everyone's health in live !" and Ganesha tell my Guru to look His Shanka, when my Guru look His shanka, He see Universe in the shanka! Ganesh said "You can see everything in universe from this shanka!"

In Mahayana Buddhist Canon , Ganesha's parents is Siva and Parvati in mount Kailash (it is same with Hinduism !!!)

Ganesha wife is manifestasion of Avalokitesvara.