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21 November 2007, 08:45 PM
from Vajra Master : Living Buddha Lian Sheng

What are devas and ghosts?

Preface:What are devas and ghosts?
* Book 150: The Amazing Spiritual World
* Preface: What are devas and ghosts?
* By: Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Sheng-yen Lu.
* Translated by: Red Lotus

For common people, this is not an easy question to answer, since they cannot see, hear or feel them (they belong to the spiritual world). Therefore the subject on devas and ghosts is complex and puzzling. The mere mention of them will arouse lots of unrealistic interpretations. Many people think that the spiritual world does not have any relationship with the real world we know, and that it is totally separated. Others do not believe in its existence and think that it is just pure imagination.

I think it is a big mistake for those who do not believe in the existence of the spiritual world. For those who have read my books would certainly know that Living Buddha Lian Sheng is a person who can travel to the spiritual realm and has the ability to converse with devas and ghosts.

In my opinions, devas and ghosts are:

* Formless
* Spirit
* Chi (Prana)
* Sub-consciousness
* Soul

These names indicate that they are formless and hence do not have physical attributes. In this universe, there is an infinite number of formless beings and devas and ghosts are only a small part of it. This is just natural. I believe that devas and ghosts are not illusive minds of the humans but they are real, yet posses `emptiness`.

Devas and ghosts are not separated from the realistic human lives. In fact, they do control some aspects of the human lives.

* Wind, Rain, Thunder, and lightning
* The Motion of Moon and Earth
* Powerful earthquake
* Flood
* Fire
* Tornado
* Airplane crashes and many others.

Devas and ghosts are involved in all of these. They do not just sit there; in fact they control many events.

The first time I opened my deva eyes, I was really surprised.

A person kept on losing his hair. Using my deva eyes, I saw a group of small goats crawling on top of his head eating his hair.

A young man?#8747;s hand was in pain and spasm. I saw a long golden snake coiled around his hand eating his nerves.

A person had skin disease. I saw many hungry ghosts extending their tongues and licking his skin.

A person had cancer and tumor, one growing after another. I saw a ghost?#8747;s head, one appearing after another.

I realized that devas and ghosts cause many illnesses. They have great influence in human lives; they take on the young to the old and affect them both internally and externally.

I can say that, a lot of modern day illnesses such as depression, restlessness, lack of self-control, insanity and mental illness are caused by attached spirits on the human beings.

Devas and ghosts are not ignorant.
If one can trace the source of all the various branches of religious belief then one will arrive at a conclusion that all of them come from the spiritual perspectives.

All religious beliefs from primeval to the present have the same perspective.

Powerful religions originating from the brilliant devas can help human beings to overcome many problems and also fight against the vicious power of devas and ghosts.

In this life, I, Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Sheng-yen Lu, use the brilliant devas and ghosts to overcome the vicious treatment, thereby guiding sentient beings to use the power of cultivation to attain the bright Pure Land.

This book will leave you in awe!!


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