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Arvind Sivaraman
12 December 2007, 01:15 AM
Om Shirdi Sai Ram.

What are the astrological combinations for becoming a sanyasi?
I was given to understand that :
Lagna,5th House and the 9th House apart from Jupiter,Saturn and a weak venus plays a vital role in becoming a sanyasi.
Any thoughts are welcome.

12 December 2007, 07:01 AM
According to classical texts, when 5 planets are situated in 10th house, it gives rise to Parivrajaka Yoga.

The great Parashara enunciates following slokas, which may be useful in zeroing in on Sanyasa Yogas:
Effects of the Divisional Dignities of 9th Lord:
If 9ths Lord is in Parijatans, the native will visit holy places, if in Uttamansa, has been visiting holy places in the past births and he will do the same within this life-time, if in Gopuransa, will perform sacrificial rites, if in Simhasanans, will be mighty and truthful, conquerer of his senses and will concentrate only on the Brahman, giving up all religions, if in Paravatansa, will be the greatest of ascetics, if in Devalokansa, will be an ascetic, holding a cudgel (Lagudi), or he will be a religious mendicant, that has renounced all mundane attachments and carrying three long staves, tied together, in his right hand (Tridandin) and, if in Brahmalokansa, will perform Aswamedh Yagya (Horse Sacrifice) and will attain the state of Lord Indra, if in Iravatans, will be a synonym of dharma, or virtues just, as Lord Ram and Yudhishtira.

Hope this will be a helpful post.