View Full Version : 3 Gunas: Saatvik, rajasic, and tamsic

06 January 2008, 11:44 AM
There are 3 gunas; Satvik: attachment to truthfulness, Rajasic; attachment to proving oneself, Tamsic; attachment to self doubt.

Satvik: Honorary
Rajsic: Obsession
Tamsic: Lazyness

I believe psychology, here are reasons behind them

Satvik: Unability to accept..or have clarity.
Rajsic: Illusion of unability to make a change
Tamsic: Illusion of unability to make a choice

However according to Kundalini Yoga, if you achieve the first chakra, you are untamsic(fearless), if you achieve the second chakra, you are unrajasic(full of fire, no self-doubt), and if you achieve the third chakra, you are unsaatvik.(full of love, compassion, and selflessness) Therefore, maybe there are 7 gunas.

This also reflects...that the people who live their life on the motto of never giving up...are tamsic b/c they don't trust their ability to make a choice. And the people who have the attitude of winning at any cost, doubt their ability to make a change...and the people who just focus themselves in one thing....become one w/ it as the samurai forgets the difference btw. himself and the sword, live in the world of deniel as the don't yet possess the clarity to see the truth from different points of views....Notice...each gunas below already has the negative points of above.....

What do you guys think?