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20 January 2008, 01:19 PM
As it is written "Twelve costellations have i created i the firmament, ad for each costellation i have created thirty hosts, and for each host i have created thirty legions, and for each legion i have created thirty cohorts, ad for each cohort i have created thirty maniples, ad for each maniples i have created thirty camps, ad to each cap i have attached 365,000 of myriads of stars...(Berachot 32b)

The sages were aware that the stars are not just randomly distributed over the firmament: instead they are clustered (for each constellatio i have created thirty hosts, ad for each host...) Astronomers confirmed this by stating that galaxies "live" i great clusters, ad eve super clusters like swarms of bees. They also use the number 30 in describing the number of clusters withi clusters of stars.

The number of stars stated in the Talmud is 1.06434 x 10^18. The number of stars in the universe counted by the best astronomical estiate of somewhere between 10^18 and 10^20.

Anyway like i was saying the talmud is filled with science. Rabbi Joshua said to Rabbi Gamiliel "Because there is a star that rises every seventy years and misguides the skippers."

Every 76 years a comet makes its elliptical orbit around our solar system.

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