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24 January 2008, 07:43 PM
Hari Om


For those sAdhakas, have you pondered ... 'am I making progress?' This comes to mind for me now and then. As of late I have been thinking of two types or categories on progress. Is this definitive? Nope, just a notion and wondered if you have an opinion or POV.

The two types are passive progress, and active progress. Here's what I mean by this.

With passive progress, delight comes easier in daily activities... there is more support from the laws of nature. That is, less things go wrong, more things go right. Ones disposition is uplifted. There is more harmony, less dis-tress.

Even coming to HDF is passive progress as you enter a 'community' of other people with somewhat of a similar intent. Some may say this HDF is satsaṅga [ good company coming together].

Active progress is that of ones spiritual pursuits... the senses have less of a hold on the sAdhaka. There is more 'awareness' or clarity available. If one's practice includes meditation, then there is more pure consciousness, more restful alertness as part of ones being. There is more silence.

If one is practicing bhakti , then the heart is more open, and compassion flows easier. One begins to feel and see one's Ishtadeva in others, and in the surroundings.

There is more viveka, or discrimination - the intellect seems to be sharper and when applied for study, the truth is more easily seen in the slokas that are read.

Overall there is diversity, yet it does not have a strangle hold on the sAdhaka. Diversity is appreciated, yet the underlying unity is beginning to show His face. And yama and niyama are becoming established, it seems easier and the right thing to do.

These are just a few top-of-mind things, and wondered if you have an opinion, experience, etc. you care to offer. And we understand that mileage may vary!


25 January 2008, 12:45 PM
Hari Om

...wondered if you have an opinion, experience, etc. you care to offer. And we understand that mileage may vary!
I thought I would post this... One person I talked to years ago gave me this metaphor for spiritual progress when relating to life's experiences and their impressions/impact on the nervous system, and creating more vasanas (vAsanA¹). He said,

Impressions are like a knife drawing a line on a rock - a mark is made, and stays with the rock for a very long time (lifetimes) . This is most of society. Life happens and we are in the throws of the 3 guna's.
One begins his/her sadhana and begins to culture pure awareness, this restful alertness within ones nervous system - then it is like a knife drawing a line in the sand - the impression is there, then it is filled in by the sand.
One continues their sadhana and it is like a knife drawing a line in water, we see the line, then the line is gone.
And one continues, pure awareness becomes part of ones daily life, and it is like a knife making a line in the air. The impression is just enough to pick up the intent, and it is no longer there.pranams

1. vāsanā (वासना) - past impressions and impressions made; the impression of anything remaining in the mind , the present consciousness of past perceptions , knowledge derived from memory; thinking of , longing for , expectation , desire , inclination