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30 January 2008, 01:30 PM
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O Brahmin, the full span of life of man in Kali yuga is said to be 120 years (purna ayu or full life); Therefore, amongst the various dasas Vimshottari dasa is the prime dasa system... Sage Parasara, Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Chapt 32.12-14

I thought to post these two dasa systems. Sage Parasara offers 32 different dasa¹ systems for a Jyotisa's use. Yet the first dasa systems Parasara-ji offers is Vimshottari ( lit. 120 ).

It is considered one of the best amongst the nakshatra based systems. There are sun based dasa systems, moon or nakshatra based. These are then called rasi based for sun and graha based for the lunar mansion (nakshatra) based.

Several different dasa systems

Rasi Dasas Systems based on the signs - The sun is the giver of all to this good earth. This suggests how then the universe comes to you, or offers you experinces, conditions, situations we call life experinces. A most excellent dasa system is Narayana dsa ( some call padakrama dasa).
Nakshatra based dasa systems - owned by the moon. This suggests the mind, emotions, etc and how one reacts to how the unniverse iss presented to the native.This is where the Vimshottari Dasa systems sets, along with Astottari dasa system.
Another is Phalita (or fruits) dasa system ands how various benefits come to the native - Sudasa Dasa ( also called lagnadi rasi dasa) applies
Ayur or life, longevity dasa systems for the natives length and timing periods of various stations in ones life including the end of life. Many use shoola dasa for this, some use navamsa dasa.There are specific rules for calculating these dasa periods and applying them… This is where the excellent and knowledgeable jyotish² excels, in the use of dasa systems. There are too few teachers that offer the intricacies of how dasa systems apply , when to apply them, starting the dasa system from the lagna, or the moon, or a movable , fixed or dual sign. Hence the knowledge is robust and not for the faint hearted when it comes to learning these methods.

For Vimshottari ( 120) Dasa system each graha is the owner of a nakshatra, hence each influence or owns a period of the 120 years.

Vimshottari Dasa - Graha and number of years ownership/influence
Sun 6
Moon 10
Mars 7
Rahu 18
Jupiter 16
Saturn 19 ( I am in sani's dasa period for the last 10 years)
Mercury 17
Ketu 7
Venus 20
Total of 120 years

Not every one starts with the sun dasa. It depends on where the moon resides at birth i.e. how far the moon has advanced from the nakshatra the sun owns, Krittika nakshatra, the 3rd nakshatra in Aries that spills into Taurus. So a persons starting nakshtra at birth can be any of the 9 dasa periods mentioned above… Mine happens to be moon.

So, one asks what are the rules , when does one apply Vimshottari or Ashtottari dasa?

Parashara muni suggests that Vimshottari ( and its variations ) always apply in a horoscope… so a nice standing rule.
Yet for Ashtottari there is a specific rule for this, Parasara-ji says the following:
If the birth (of the native) is in Krishna paksha (or the dark half of the month) or at night in sukla paksha (the bright half of the month) and that Rahu is in a quadrant (Kendra) or trine (trikona) from the lord of the lagna ( that location is also called the paka lagna).Well why would one care about this? for a few reasons . Ashtottari dasa gives a (max) life span of 108 years. This dasa system applies to me, and on average applies to ~ 20% to 25% of all charts.

Ashtottari Dasa - Graha and number of years ownership/influence
Sun 6
Moon 15
Mars 8
Rahu 17
Jupiter 10
Saturn 19
Mercury 12 (I am in Budha's dasa period for the last 11 years)
Ketu - Ketu is not part of the Ashottari Dasa scheme
Venus 21
Total of 108 years

Another question that not many ask about a dsa system is who owns the dasa system over all ? For Ashtottari ketu is thre governor overall. Ketu is the natual moksakaraka. Hence for those natives where Ashtottari applies ketu's influnce will be felt thoughtout ones life.

And who is the guru of Ashtottari ? Take the Sun's period + the moon's period to see … that is, Sun = 6 + moon = 15 = 21. What graha hs 21 dasa years? Venus. So Venus is the guru for Ashtottari. And who for Vimshottari ? Sun = 6 , moon = 10 = 16. Who owns 16 dasa years in the Vimshottari scheme? It is Jupiter.

God has decorated the heavens with constellations like pearls on a dark steed. The Light of the sun hides them in the day and all knowledge of then is divined in the darkness of the night... Parasara muni, Rk Ved 1.68.04


1. dAsa - in this use is dAs to serve or give.. This word has many meanings. dAsa can also mean savage , barbarian. We also know of Divodās or Sudās Where here das turns out to be a divine 'man' or good 'man'.
2. I know of 2 or 3 that excel in this dasa science - I am not one of them i.e. I remain a sisys of this knowledge, and continue my studies.
3. kali - expression for the number 1; perhaps kala (कल) also applies as indistinct , dumb, weak , crude , undigested ;
also kala is time equal to 4. Some may see this period as kAla (काल) - black or dark-blue colour , another name for sani (Saturn).

4. Good reference books on this matter if there is interest:
a. Brihat Parasha Hora Sastra ( Parasara's main work),
b. Vimshottari and Udu Dasa's - Sanjay Rath
c. Upadesa Sutras of Jaimini
d. The Astrology of the Seers - David Frawley
e. Crux of Vedic Astrology - Sanjay Rath

31 January 2008, 09:49 PM
Namaste Yajvan,

kuNDalinI has 3 coils, including the 3 whorls of shani and terminating half a coil short of the fourth. But the final mysterious crescent represents an orbit of guru. So the maximum extent of incarnation remains 120 years, but mortality ends at 108.