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31 January 2008, 12:31 AM
Just a nice little everyday moral story about keeping the intellect firm.

A miller and his son were taking their donkey to sell at market, when
they passed a group of girls, who laughed at how foolish the miller
was to have an donkey and yet be walking. So the miller put his son on
the donkey.

Further down the road they passed some old people who scolded the
miller for allowing his young son to ride, when he should be riding
himself. So the miller removed his son and mounted the donkey himself.

Further along the road, they passed some travelers who said that if he
wanted to sell the donkey the two of them should carry him or he'd be
exhausted and worthless. So the miller and his son bound the donkey's
legs to a pole and carried him.

When they approached the town the people laughed at the sight of them,
so loud that the noise frightened the donkey, who kicked out and fell
off a bridge into the river and drowned.

The embarrassed miller and son went home with nothing, save the lesson
that you will achieve nothing by trying to please everyone.

31 January 2008, 05:40 AM
Pranam sm

Nice moral story i use to read this in school a long time ago, has remained with me all this time, you can't please them all. Thanks for sharing.

Jai Shree Krishna

31 January 2008, 08:42 AM
I like this story and thanks Singhi for posting it here.

However, I always wonder about those (like me) who have this 'dis-ease' of 'pleasing others'. It seems to be inherent nature of some souls and not a learned behaviour because no matter how aware of it they might be and of how hard they try to change it, it just doesn't go away... :cool1:

I know many people with this complex some have made peace with it and some haven't.

03 February 2008, 09:34 AM
This is one of the questions I have weighing on my heart lately.
As a mother to a family of 10, I am truly a ernest servant with much burden. Trying to please everyone was something I thought I must do to please God. Such a good lesson for my heart and mind today:hug: