View Full Version : A good vBulletin forum about India in Spanish?

11 February 2008, 12:30 AM

I have come to this forum because I figure that it is important for an intellectual to have at least a basic idea of the four world civilizations: European, Islamic, East Asian and Indian. However, I prefer "to kill two birds with one stone" - improve my foreign language abilities while I learn about a different culture.

Thus, if you know of a good forum in Spanish about India, I would be quite interested. A condition would be a forum using vBulletin (jelsoft/invision software) so that I can ignore trolls and illiterates. Other than that, I have no ideological or theological preferences.



P.S. At a pinch, a forum in German, French or Chinese would do as well. However, state of the art software would be nice. http://www.pakindia.com/inde/forum.php & http://www.yinduliuxue.cn/bbs/index.asp? are inadequate in this sense.