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24 February 2008, 10:16 PM
Hi, my name is ShinyDragonkin, or in Real Life, Timothy.

I am not incredibly familiar with Hinduism in general, but find it particularly appealing to past lives, and things I've dealt with, and from what I can recall, though not concrete, it seems to have steered me in the right direction.

I work with a lot of "Fallen" or "Demonic" spirits, trying to bring them to a better path, so I get a lot of bad rap for that, but it is my path, and I find it quite rewarding at times.

I first became familiar with Hinduism in Little Five Points of Atlanta Georgia, where I was happy to attend the Hare Kryshna Temple there.

I found out, on my own, that chanting the Mahadara Mantra was not so much about the words, as it was the very act of doing it from one's soul, and doing this brought be great peace and joy, particularly when I do so in song.

I do not see Hinduism so much in measures of a Religion, in it's origonal form, as much as systematic understanding of things, but I guess we all have different ways of understanding things, so it's all good. :Cool:

I have very Unorthodox views on Christianity, so a lot of Christians don't like me.
I see "Mister Jesus" as a Sri, an Ascended Master, whose Father was God, and whose energy therefore spreads through those who eat food and wine consectrated to Him, and by this standard, believe He conforms to basic Hindu Teachings, thus making it a valid Religion.

Not meaning to start any flame wars, just my personal beliefs... I also do not think Mister Jesus's "Father" was a Hebrew God, but that in His second Incarnation was ANU.

Myself, I do not have any Religion, persay. I am a Freelance Spirit, if you will.
I do not feel I am "required" to worship anyone, but I do enjoy it very much.

I very much dislike being called or associated with God, or Demi-God, as I had some conflicts with a certain temple of Messianic Jews who tried to declare me their Savior, and became offended when I did not accept this. But that is a story I do not like to get into, so I will leave it as, I am a normal person just like anyone else, but I would like to hear my name again, as this mortal body does not remember it. I see the title of God as a very normal everyday thing, but other people see it as something very significant and special, so I do not like to be associated with it by them.

I work with both Good and "Evil" spirits, such as Asura, Draconic Beings, such as TIAMAT (who we are training in Love, and using His abilities to heal small children through an incarnation He has in someone I know whose name I will not mention here) and a certain cult of humans and Djinn, from another set of planets, who I jokingly call "Sith" from a Star Wars reference, which is of course only a movie, but I like to have fun with things. :)

So that is my introduction. I am something of a teacher, but not qualified, really, to teach Hinduism or anything, but I like to contribute what I can from what I have learned from others where appropriate.

26 February 2008, 07:26 PM
Welcome to HDF, ShinyDragonkin,

I pray you hear your name again, so you may seek your brothers and sisters.