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28 February 2008, 08:11 AM
Namaste everyone,
I am new to the site and very excited to learn much more from you all.

My purpose has grown to be more clear over the past several years.
As I delve more and more into religion as being a bigger part of my life, the Eastern Religions appeal to me more than the more traditional Religions where I live. That to me sounds odd, since I believe Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, & Islam, to be more traditional, yet where I live, in New York State in the US, Catholicism and Christianity are more prevalent.

However, I see a change here with American idealism and actually read an article this week where Americans are more prone to change religion or even abandon religion than anywhere else. That discussion can be left for another day as I find it being quite evident that America as a whole is quite soulless... another day.

I won't write a novel in my first post; I will simply leave it with the fact I have a Spiritual Teacher who used to be Buddhist but practices no religion, but prefers to help people find their own path. I am merely here to understand and learn, and hopefully even offer my learned insights from a more generic level. I look forward to speaking with you all!


28 February 2008, 05:58 PM
Namaste Alex,

Welcome to HDF :)

29 February 2008, 12:27 PM
Namaste Sarabhanga Giri,

I was immediately drawn to your name when I was browsing some posts prior to joining and posting my introduction. The reason being that my last name is incorporated into the profile name you have. Interesting, because I have also been starting down a path I have put off for my entire life until now. I was adopted and I have been trying to really put into perspective the idea of "Family". So besides seeking my birthparents, I have also started seeking meaning to the name of my Father, the one he left me, the one you have incorporated in your profile name... :D

Thanks for the warm welcome.