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16 April 2008, 12:16 PM
Hari Om


There once was this wave, mostly like other waves and doing what waves do. One day this wave wondered, who am i? Here I am bobbing around with all these other waves day-in-day-out yet, it seems to me there must be more then this. Bobbing is okay as is splashing and rolling, yet there must be more to me then these things.

So he went to the the other waves about this, and they were just too busy, bobbing up and down, splashing, foaming up.
Other waves that he bumped into said , why are you thinking such a thing! ... just go on about your business - do what waves do. Go help that sail boat move forward!

So he did. He pushed on the sailboat's hull and moved it along, but could not stop thinking about who he was. As he moved the sail boat forward it took him closer & closer to shore - he had never been this close to shore before and as luck wold have it, ended up on the beach.

When he did this he was mixed with the sand. He thought this is what I have been thinking, this must be who I really am this sand! I am held together a bit more. Oh yes this is much better, the wave said.

Then came a small child and scooped up the sand. The sand was then placed in a bucket, and the sand with its embedded wave took the shape of the bucket. Then the wave thought, perhaps I am not this sand , but this bucket?. I fit so well in it, it suites me , I have definite shape now, and I can tell where I stop and start, oh yes, I much prefer this, this must be who I really am.

Yet after some time the sand sunk to the bottom of the bucket and what remained on top was once again the wave. He thought, what's this where did my composure go? I am once again this wave, how can this be? Oh dear I am not this bucket, or the sand, what has happened?

The child then was told it was time to go home and to collect all her belongings. She took the bucket and walked to the shore-line to toss the water out. As she was ready to pour the water out the wave said, what are you doing! Where am I going? The child said I am returning you to the sea, back to the ocean, back home. She poured the wave back into the sea.

As he returned to the Ocean, he thought I have never heard of this Ocean before. All I have seen was lots of waves going here and there all the time, always moving. What is this ocean?

He then drifted for a while, and thought and pondered what the child had said about this ocean. He then said, Ocean? Are you there? The Ocean calmly replied, yes wave I am here.

Where do you reside Ocean, the wave said. The Ocean replied, I am here, vast and deep with no end in sight. But how come I have never noticed you before Ocean, said the wave. Perhaps you were too busy being the wave, said the Ocean.

And who then are you Ocean - what makes you? said the wave. The Ocean said I am water, fluid, apa, and without us there would be no life in this Universe.

I see, said the wave… but, hey wait, you said us? Why did you say 'us' ? mentioned the wave.

The Ocean said, thou are that, wave, thou art That. You think you are a wave, living with other waves, where some rise high and some low. Some froth with foam and some bang along the rocks, all thinking they do this on their own accord. Yet I ask you to look to your base, look to see where are connected. What do you see?

The wave then looked and said , Oh! I am connect to thee! I am anchored in thee! How come I did not notice this before? said the wave. The Ocean replied, it must be you have been busy being a wave. He continued and said, thou art Me, and I am thee.

The wave said but that means I am not this wave then, but I am this water that makes us thee and all other waves, then? Yes said the Ocean thou art that, I am that, all this is That. You can now roam as you please as the Ocean, but where is there to roam if you are the Ocean and you are every-where already?... never leaving your SELF. Be the Ocean where-ever you may be.

The wave said pranams Jalarūpaji (Water as His form) I am grateful for this - I know who I really am, of this there is no doubt.
Let me go tell the other waves of this revelation that aṅga is no different then aṅgī (that the part belongs to the whole). I hope they will listen.
The Ocean said , truth when sweetly offered is the rasa of the soul, they will listen, be patient... and when you talk to them you are really talking to your SELF, to Me.


17 January 2009, 09:13 PM
thanks such a nice story

21 May 2010, 12:38 AM
thanks for writing plz keep it up

21 July 2011, 07:00 AM
Hari Om


thou art Me, and I am thee..............................

.........and when you talk to them you are really talking to your SELF, to Me.


Pranam Yajvanji,

As wonderfully mentioned by you, the ocean of truth is always present around us, its just that we are too busy to look at it.
What could be a better way to explain than as you did, yet there are doubts ........ and they will remain. And it is explained in Bhagavad Gita Why?

Kindly accept my sincere salutations for such a wonderful posting.



28 July 2011, 08:57 AM
This is a very, very beautiful story.
Thank you for sharing. :) I will save it, if that's ok.

29 July 2011, 02:18 AM

Just a thought,

This ocean of consciousness as mentioned by Yajvanji (in above story), when comes alive controlling its own Maya, in Saguna Rupa, we call him Krishna.

Hare Krishna


29 July 2011, 03:08 AM
You can write well, Yajvan ji. :)