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25 April 2008, 02:13 PM
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Having or not having a family is hardly a yard stick for material vs spiritual in this age. The more serious problem I face of balancing the material aspect with my own personal goals is : how to handle the large volumes of corporate bull***t thrown at you at each day in work ~ yet not stink at the end of the day.

Namaste singhi.
Yes I know what you say. I know of this throwing and receiving you mention.

Swami Brahmananda had said, Do not get the mind excessively involved in your employment if you desire peace. I knew this intellectually, but found it most difficult to apply.

From a Jyotish orientation, there is applicability here relevant to this conversation. Let me see if I can explain:

the 9th house is 12th from the 10th.
For those not too familiar with this, it infers the 9 house is one of spirituality/religion, fortunes, insights, and dharma ( lots of other things too). The 10th house is that of Careers, of what we are discussing with sm78's post. We note that the 9th house resides 12 houses away, counted from the 10th house, house of careers.
The 12th house is that of endings, of finishing up, of closing out (and much more, but for this post, it will do).
So when you have a house in question ( 10th house career, work, etc) and count 12 houses away from it, it suggests how that house the 10th, comes to its end, to its finish.
So , ones career (the 10th house) comes to a close (12 houses away) with the pursuit of spirituality ( the 9th house). The STRONGER the 9th house (that is the more planets, exaltation's, aspects, all that astrology stuff) that is in the 9th house, brings a yearning for the 10th house to come to an end.
The less strength, the less the influence on the 9th and its desires for spiritual pursuit. And the more houses in the 10th suggest, less and less influence from the 9th house.
So with a strong 9th house there is a desire for one to spend more time with spiritual pursuits and leave all the bull*** at work, desires for unfoldment and a practicing sadhu.We can can see how the 4 stages of life, the asramas, fits nicely into this logic:
1. Brahmacharya---the student stage
2. Garhasthya---the married householder stage
3. Banaprastha ( some say vanaprastha) -the stage retirement and contemplation
4. Sannyas---the stage of religious attention; more focus on sadhana

Its interesting to note that 'retirement' vanaprastha stage closes out the householder garhasthya stage - that of careers. And the 'retirement' state is closed out by the sannyas stage , more focus on sadhana.

The insight here is the 8th house is 12 houses from the 9th. The 8th house is known for its in-depth spiritual experinces AND is a moksha(house of Liberation) house; it brings to close the pursuit of sadhana with moksha.

Thought this would be of some use for those yearning for career to wind down and for the 9th house to have a greater role in ones daily life.


09 March 2012, 01:14 PM
Thats great information,What would be the effect with different planets in 9th place?.How the effect would be if some one with Vrishabha lagna and having Guru in 9 th place(Guru in Makhara).