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06 June 2008, 08:47 PM

06 June 2008, 11:07 PM
Namaskar shian,

i receive private messages from SATAY,
why Satay?

Please read the text of the private message.

this is Buddhist section, we can discus about Bauddha Dharma here.

Yes, Shian, generally, 'discuss' means we would have a 'discussion'. Simply pasting large dumps of text without providing your own input or thoughts is not 'discussion'.

And Hinduism and Buddhism just label name only, there was a ONE SANANTA DHARMA, and we cannot put SANANTA DHARMA in your own percept.

Not sure what you mean but 'buddhism' is 'buddhism' with its own separate world view and philosophy though originated out of sanatana dharma and part of sanatana dharma it is not sanatana dharma by itself.

Im so proudly to say i am is HINDU
and i am so proudly to say i am is BUDDHIST too

Good to read.

do you not welcome me??

Shian, I welcomed you, please read the first private message in your inbox. It is a welcome message you recieved when you first joined this forum.

Satay, do you know? this is the first time my Hindu Dharma brother said thesse things to me, just from you Satay.

Not sure what things... do you mean about large dumps of text in a forum? I am not sure how other forums handle large dumps of posts but I just wanted to know what is your purpose of posting such large dumps of text without presenting any of your own thoughts on it? What do you want the members to do with these large dumps of texts?

this is the message from SATAY :

namaste shian,

I wanted to ask you, what's the purpose of you cutting and pasting large texts and posting them here in the Buddhism section? What do you want the members to do?

Generally, since this is a Hindu Dharma forum, we would like to see posts that are related to Hinduism and are in the context of the Hindu dharma.

I am not sure why you keep posting large dumps in the buddhism section so that's why I though i will ask you first before I delete all of them.

large dumps of information without any explanation or your own comments on the posts is considered spam.

Please do not spam the site.


Yes, that is a dump of my message to you. Please read it and address it.


07 June 2008, 12:23 AM

07 June 2008, 12:37 AM

Though the matter can be resolved between Satay & Shian without any third party intervention ( I am sure), I thought I would share my views.

I have done some deep study of Buddhist scriptures ( Sorry, I don't claim to be an expert). I find that Buddhism or even Jainism is not separate from Sanatan Dharma. Any effort to separate them is like losing one limb. The only difference I find is that Buddhism & Jainism are organised religions whereas Hinduism is not. Therefore, a Buddhist cleric may refuse to be considered to be part of Sanatan Dharma ( for fear of losing exclusive authority in their followers) but Sanatan Dharma cannot say so & IMO, should not.

The Non-duality realised by Gautam Buddha or all the Buddhas is the same as by the Advaitists ( Truth cannot be different). I find differences only in the use of words but actually there is no difference. In fact, Buddhism has done more effective research on meditation & has made it much easier than what is available in Raj-yoga advised by Patanjali.

Buddhism makes Sanatan Dharma richer. We are one. Let the clerics find out the differences for their organisational goals but we can happily concentrate on common features which make us inseparable from each other.


07 June 2008, 10:58 AM

OK, I too have no need to jump into this, because the matter can certainly be resolved by Shian and Satay. But still, I thought I'd give my suggestion (call it an innate compulsion on my part to every so often jump into conversations that were never directed at me, or included me, in the first place). So I apologize at the offset to both Shian and Satay.

It seems like Satay has a point. As much as I like some of Shian's posts, and have no quarrels with it, I do not really see it culminating in any fruitful discussions involving hinduism, which is what this forum is all about. Instead of just copying and pasting voluminous materials from other Buddhist sites, perhaps some sutras or practices can be taken up and discussed & compared with some of mainstream hindu views or approach...like the thread on the second chapter in the gita, where a particular sloka is being discussed at length. That thread focuses on drawing various interpretations on the two slokas from the second chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, rather than just pasting all the slokas from the Gita.

I do not see much difference in the prespectives, and rituals and worship practices, of some of the early Buddhist traditions and Sanatana Dharma. But it may be better and more fruitful to discuss them, so it provides good opportunity for many to understand the differences/smiliarities between the popular Buddhist traditions and Hindu traditions. If the intention of Shian's posts is to show how close some of these Buddhist sects and traditions are to many of teachings postulated in the vedas and other Hindu traditions, then it is probably best to discuss that, rather than simply posting large chunks of reading material.

As an illustration (probably not the best, but the only one I can remember offhand), Shian posted a Buddhist mantra to ward off diseases, and asked for a Sanskrit equivalent. I posted the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra from Rig Veda. I thought for some reason, this was then going to culminate in discussions on the two Mantras - about the similarities in the mantras and the history and vedic origins of the Buddhist mantra, etc. But unfortuanately, nothing came of it. But nonetheless, here would have been a nice opportunity, at least for me, to learn something about the vedic origins of many of the Buddhist mantras and the possible modifications these mantras underwent when they left the country. Or at least something along those lines...(sorry, if I'm babbling...just trying to see how Shian can fit his posts in this forum, without compromising the original purpose of the forum - which is to educate and expand one's knowledge on the various sects of Sanatana Dharma).

I agree that Buddhism (and Jainism) has its origins in Sanatana Dharma and thus is not really separable from Sanatana Dharma, as much as many Buddhist traditions, especially those promoted in the west, make Buddhism out to be different and distinct from Hinduism (probably their reasons for doing so are to gain wider acceptability - as the very 'rational/scientific' religion opposed to other 'irrational idol/God centered" religions - or because these traditions might actually see more of the differences than similarities.) But that itself makes a good point for discussion - unless it has already been discussed in another thread.

That's all. Thank you for hearing me out.

08 June 2008, 09:11 AM
namaskar shian, devotee, ohmshivaya,

My problem is not with "buddhism" but with "dumping" information on the forum without any explanations or own input on it. From HDF quality point of view, I don't see how dumping information from other sites is good for anything.

The rules of the site are quite clear, do not spam the site. Large dumps of cut and paste from other sites do not contribute to the quality of HDF thus these large cut and paste dumps can only be considered as spam.

My PM to shian was just a question on what he wanted to achieve by cutting and pasting large dumps of information in the buddhist forum instead of actually 'discussing' buddhism. Not sure why this has to become an 'issue' to the point where shian decides that he will not post on HDF anymore, unless all he intends to do is dump large cut and paste information...

Buddhism is dear to me and I have studied it (a little) also...

26 October 2008, 02:13 AM
Sorry, but can anyone explain me what this post means? :confused: