View Full Version : Muhurtha and the temple priests

09 June 2008, 01:27 PM
I am not sure why temple priests forget basic things about murthas. They just give out murtha without giving a proper throught.

For example: We have a temple called the sanatan dharma temple and cultural center in maple valley, wa. ( www.sdtccwa.org (http://www.sdtccwa.org) ) Their resident priest is Shri Sanjay Shastri. Now they are doing shri Anjaneya -- Hanumana chala moorthi pratisthapana on Sunday, Jun 15th 2008.

Now from what I heard, "One cannot do moorthi pratisthapana during Guru or Shukra Astha period". Shukra astha is from May 10th to July 7th 2008. After that Ashada masa (again shoonya masa) hence no murtha till August 1st 2008. Why do they install hanumana murthi during shukra astha? Once again the festival dates mentioned on their calendar prepared by their temple priest Sanjay Shastri doesn't match with longitudes and latitudes of seattle area. Their festival dates are taken verbatim from Indian calendar. Hence, not applicable in the united states.

The question is do temple priests refer to shastras for muhurtham? or just they look at their own personal calendar and in order to make money they schedule poojas?