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01 September 2008, 05:44 PM
why hinduism no longer worship lord indra? he s not worth of worship any more ? because in the rig vedas almost all praises are for him... can we worshiphim or it is forbidden ?

03 September 2008, 03:17 AM
Indra is worshiped in India. It is not forbidden to worship him. It is also recommended to worship him. And during sacrifices and Vratams(religious ceremonies for God) Indra is praised and worshiped.

05 September 2008, 01:35 AM
thanks for the info , i asked this questions because a pandit told me that it was forbiden , and it did not make any sense to me , any ways you know in how to worship him?


05 September 2008, 02:05 AM
I would like to give you a Rig Vedic hymn on Indra

Prayers to Indra

Rgveda I.32: http://www.jnanam.net/indra/rv/rv1.32.gif

I now proclaim the heroic deeds of Indra; what he did first, the vajra-wielder, he slew the dragon, bored through to the waters; he split through the bellies of the mountains. [1]

He slew the dragon who lay on the mountain; Tvashtar (the smith of the gods) fashioned for him the roaring Vajra (thunder-club). [With a sound] like lowing milch cows, the flowing waters ran quickly down to the ocean. [2]

Bullishly, he chose for himself the Soma (ambrosia of the gods); he drank from the pressed (soma) in the three soma-vessels. The Generous One (=Indra) took the missile, the vajra; he slew him, the first-born of dragons. [3]

When, you, O Indra, slew the first-born of dragons and thereupon dispelled the sorcery of the sorcerers, then producing the sun, the day, the dawn, you found no enemy indeed at that time. [4]

Indra slew Vritra (the dragon), the greatest of Vritras, with the vajra; (slew) the shoulderless one with his great weapon. Like branches/shoulders of a tree hewn off by an axe, the dragon lies flat on the ground. [5]

Like one ignorant of battle, badly intoxicated, (the dragon) challenged the advancing great warrior, the presser of many; (he) did not escape the collision of his weapons; he who had Indra as a conqueror crushed together the rivers (?). [6]

Footless and handless he fought Indra; (Indra) struck him on the ridge (=neck?) with his vajra. The gelded one who wished to be equal to the bull, the serpent lay cut into pieces strewn in many places. [7]

He (=the dragon) lay there like a split reed, the rising waters of Manu flowed over (him); the dragon lay at the feet of those whom he had encompassed with his might. [8]

Vritra's mother's strength became low; Indra warded off her weapon. The mother lay above, the son lay below; Danu (=Vritra's mother) lay like a milch cow with her calf. [9]

Vritra's body was sunk in the midst of the never standing, never resting water courses; the waters flowing over Vritra's secret, he who was conquered by Indra lay in the long darkness. [10]

The waters were as wives of the Dasa (=Vritra), guarded by the dragon, shut up like cows by the Pani. The orifice of the waters, which had been closed up, he (=Indra) opened after having slain the dragon. [11]

You became a tail-hair of a horse there, O Indra, when you struck against the missile; you, the unique god, conquered the cows; you conquered, O Hero, the Soma; you let flow free the seven rivers. [12]

Not for him [=Vritra] did the lightning avail, nor thunder, no what mist and hail-stones he scattered. When Indra and the dragon fought, the Generous One [=Indra] was victorious (then) and for the future. [13]

What avenger of the dragon did you see, O Indra, when fear came into the your heart, the heart of the one who slew the dragon, when you crossed nine and ninety streams; like a startled eagle crossed through the cloudy regions? [14]

Indra, the vajra-wielder, is king over that which moves and that which stays still, over the tamed and the horned; he rules as king over humans, containing (all) as spokes within the wheel's rim. [15

05 September 2008, 02:17 AM
I do not know any ways to perform his puja, i hope someone from this forum will help you.