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13 November 2008, 10:27 PM
A physician specialist by profession in practical life; turns purely mythical in religious life


I have read the article: "http://www.christchurchreformed.com/SwoonTheoryStrobel.htm (http://www.christchurchreformed.com/SwoonTheoryStrobel.htm)" written, perhaps by Lee Strobel in which he has interviewed Dr. Alexander Metherell, M.D., Ph.D. on the subject of “Swoon Theory”. It has been mentioned by the interviewer at the end of the article:
“Please email me (christchurch@christchurchreformed.com) if you have any comments, questions or corrections.” The e-mail address, I understand, is of the christchurch@christchurchreformed.com (christchurch@christchurchreformed.com) and not of Lee Strobel or of Dr. Alexander Metherell, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Alexander Metherell, M.D., Ph.D., in my opinion, gives only mythical evidence on: Jesus death on Cross or Jesus’ survival from death on Cross.

The interview is of no medical significance as throughout in the interview Dr. Alexander Metherell, M.D., Ph.D., had failed to bring forth any medical data available with him acceptable to the norms of the physicians, necessary to issue a death certificate. He has blindly towed the same old lineregarding Jesus mythical death on Cross as propounded by Paul and his associates i.e., the Catholic Church.

A doctor/physician is supposed to give evidence, if ever he gives, strictly on the basis of physical medical data of a person. If it is not supported by the physical data, and gives evidence on the basis of a mythical data; then that could be termed only mythical evidence and his own personal opinion as a layman’s only. It is a very strange phenomenon.

How a physician could give evidence without surfacing of any new medical data with him two thousand years after the death of Jesus.

Sometimes ago I read a similar article with reference to The Journal of the American Medical Association, March 21, 1986, Volume 256,Copyright 1986, American Medical Association.

I wrote a post which I think is also valid for this mythical evidence:

What is this American Medical Board; that verifies Jesus’ cursed death on Cross, without a medical data, after two thousand years?

Can a Medical Board verify a cursed death of Jesus on Cross; without an authentic medical record of Jesus?

Can a Medical Board verify a cursed death of Jesus on Cross; from a mythical data of Jesus provided by Church?

Can a Medical Board verify a cursed death of Jesus on Cross; without an authentic historical medical record of Jesus?

Is some Christian Church Medical Board working in the garb of an American Medical Board? True or false!

Such questions and many more came into Paarsurrey’s mind when someone pinged on my blog from the following Christian websites:



William D. Edwards, MD; Wesley J. Gabel, MDiv; Floyd E Hosmer, MS, AMI
Reprinted from JAMA - The Journal of the American Medical Association
March 21, 1986, Volume 256

Copyright 1986, American Medical Association


Jesus of Nazareth underwent Jewish and Roman trials, was flogged, and was sentenced to death by crucifixion. The scourging produced deep stripelike lacerations and appreciable blood loss, and it probably set the stage for hypovolemic shock, as evidenced by the fact that Jesus was too weakened to carry the crossbar (patibulum) to Golgotha. At the site of crucifixion, his wrists were nailed to the patibulum and, after the patibulum was lifted onto the upright post (stipes), his feet were nailed to the stipes.

The major pathophysiologic effect of crucifixion was an interference with normal respirations. Accordingly death resulted primarily from hypovolemic shock and exhaustion asphyxia. Jesus’ death was ensured by the thrust of a soldier’s spear into his side. Modern medical interpretation of the historical evidence indicate that Jesus was dead when taken down from the cross.


Paarsurrey: I wanted to ask these questions to the websites that had pinged on my Blog, but I could not do so as there was no provision for any comments there.

Is there somebody here who could answer such questions on his own or on their behalf in the matter?

Any peaceful response is welcome here.

I am just a lay man, not a medical doctor, in search for truth.


14 November 2008, 09:20 AM
Namaste Paarsurrey,

In my opinion, this mystery can never be resolved. When we discuss something which is nearly 2000 years old, there would always be many links missing. Moreover, this is a matter of someone who was extraordinay ... who is considered the Son of God ... so, in absence of any professional unbiased historian, there are chances of mixing myth with truth which makes it still more difficult to separate truth from myth. This mixing of myth with truth comes from all interested parties. The devotees try to make it as exceptional God-like as they perceive him. The Organisation tries deliberately to mix myth with truth to keep its followers together. Then there are "Critics seeking publicity", whose aim is to find some chinks somewhere in common man's belief & gain popularity & self-satisfaction by doing some "intelligent research". Then there are some publishing house whose bank balance depends on such stories & the related controversies.

So, I don't think there may be any answer which everyone can accept. And IMHO, I don't think there is any need. What can the "swoon" theory give us ? This can dent many believers faith & put them in emotional & spiritual turmoil who are not very rooted in their faith. That, in my opinion, is criminal.

In fact, the Christ in physical form is not important ... important thing is the Christ Conciousness. Isn't the Christ conciousness leading millions of people on this planet towards a better social, psychological & spiritual life ? The faith is important. The faith works & that is the Truth. I am tempted to tell you a story at this place :

There was a saint (let's call him Sri Ramdas) living outside a village in his hut. There was one simple disciple (let's call him Birju) of that saint who lived in the village. Birju used to come everyday in the morning to his teacher, Sri Ramdas, learn lessons there, work for him & go back home late at night. There was a river to cross for going from Sri Ramdas's hut to the village. Normally, there was very little water in the river & Birju had no problem crossing that. However, once there was heavy rains & the river was on spate. Birju, as usual, got up early in the morning & got ready to go to his teacher's place. However, the river was in flood & there was no boat available to cross the river. Birju conjured a mental picture of his teacher in mind & prayed to him to help him cross the river. He felt inside that if he went into the river chanting the name of his teacher with full devotion without any doubt, he would be able to cross the river without any problem. He closed his eyes, kept his mind fixed on his teacher's image in his mind & chanting his teacher's name went into water. There was a miracle. Birju walked over the river water without getting drowned & reached his teacher's hut. The teacher was astonished to see him there. He asked Birju how he crossed the river. Birju told him the whole story. The teacher could not believe this ! He thought, Birju was lying. He asked Birju to show him how he did that. Birju showed him ... it appeared so easy ! The teacher was proud of himself. He also tried cross the river in the same manner. Chanting his own name he got down into the river but instead of walking over the river, he was washed away by the strong current !!

That is the power of faith !