View Full Version : Purpose of Uttara Forum

27 January 2009, 10:05 PM

On Yajvan's request, here is new forum.

This forum is called uttara उत्तर which means upper, higher, chief, excellent, more powerful.

The forum is for subject matter that is more advanced in nature found within sanātana dharma.

Just as we have provided a specific forum for those that are 'New To Sanātana Dharma' , this forum, uttara, provides a forum for those that are most comfortable within sanātana dharma and wish to offer or ponder deeper spiritual precepts i.e. the posts will contain more robust and perhaps more esoteric ideas for one's consideration and discussion.

This Uttara forum is not for discussions for entry level topics. As such any posts that are not in alignment with the purpose of this specific forum will be moved to appropriate forums on HDF.