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14 February 2009, 09:09 PM
read something that one of the acarayas said that if you go to the lord because you are in distress you are a sudra. If you go to him for money you are a vaisya. I can't remember what the ksaitrya one was. If you go to the Lord for wisdom you are a brahmana". it got me thinking what if someone wanted all three of theese things from the lord. what if u were distressed, what if u wanted money, and u wanted infineate wisdom that onlly the lord can give you, what would that make you. or would u just be simply greedy in the lords eye.

14 February 2009, 09:33 PM
Whatever the varNa, everyone has desires and seeks God's grace to have them fulfilled. Thus every human in Kali Yuga has the mix up all the four varNas. God is not concerned about our greed or other gross propensities. He would certainly grant all our personal wishes to the extent we are sincere in our prayers and about their getting fulfilled. This is the reason why the rich become richer and the already powerful become even more powerful in this world.

God is concerned only about the knowledge or ignorance, the wisdom or foolishness of our desires. Once we have the knowledge is that we are bound to suffer succession of births solely because of our desires which generate more and more karma (so we must minimise them) and once we adequately gain the wisdom that we need to cultivate qualities such as altruistic love, selfless devotion, and a willingness to contemplate our real nature, our prayers would more and more be oriented towards seeking equanimity in our fortunes and courage to face the misfortunes.

15 February 2009, 06:38 AM
If someone wants all three things then one can weigh a person by which of the three he wants the most, and for which of the three he can sacrifice the other two.

If a person wants all these things equally then that person is full of desires, and a person full of desires is never bound to be happy no matter what category he falls in.