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30 June 2006, 09:12 PM
Dear Hindu Friends,

You may have seen pictures of saints from Ancient India performing a fire ritual called Yagna ( or homa or Agnihotra). Gayatri Pariwar of NE America has organized a108 Kundi Gayatri Yagna in the divine presence of Respected Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD (Head, All World Gayatri Pariwar ( www.awgp.org (http://www.awgp.org/) ), Chancellor , Dev Sanskriti Viswavidyalaya ( www.dsvv.org (http://www.dsvv.org/) ); Chief Editor, Akhand Jyoti spiritual magazine ( www.akhand-jyoti.org (http://www.akhand-jyoti.org/))).

This is a unique opportunity for all to participate in the event. No prior reservation is required to attend the function. Also, there is no charge to attend this program. Please come and also forward this invitation to all members of your organization and anyone who may be intersted.

July 16th: Sunday
Parlin, NJ: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM followed by Dinner
Venue: Shree Dwarkadish Temple, 717 Washington Rd; Parlin, NJ 08859
Phone: (732)-254-0061; Website: www.dwarkadhishtemple.org/ (http://www.dwarkadhishtemple.org/)
Pl ease contact me if you need any additioanl infomration at Vipul Patel ( 610)-871-0559, gayatrichetna@gmail.com (gayatrichetna@gmail.com)

Here is some more infomration about Yagana and Gayatri for anyone who may be intersted in the subject:

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