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07 March 2009, 08:45 PM

i know that Hindu belief Kuruksethra in Mahabarata is happened at our mind and really happened in long time ago.

But what about Mahisasuramardini ? i know that is happened in our mind, but are Hindu belief that is happened in long time ago ??

and one, today i am very surprized that i know the one of Baghavati Tara Devi 108 names is DURGA

and i have know long time ago is the part of 21 Tara Strotram is "Siva sakti Samanvite"


07 March 2009, 09:39 PM

i know that Hindu belief Kuruksethra in Mahabarata is happened at our mind and really happened in long time ago.

But what about Mahisasuramardini ? i know that is happened in our mind, but are Hindu belief that is happened in long time ago ??

and one, today i am very surprized that i know the one of Baghavati Tara Devi 108 names is DURGA

and i have know long time ago is the part of 21 Tara Strotram is "Siva sakti Samanvite"


The Durga Gayatri is one of my all time favorites! Jai Parvati Mata!
I am unfamiliar with Mahis asura mardini. Please explain this event?


08 March 2009, 03:34 AM

Mahishasura Mardhini is another name of Durga. This name arises from the event in which the asura, Mahisha, is vanquished by Durga.

This demon, Mahishasura, was very powerful and even the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) were supposedly unable to defeat him. Therefore, Durga, a form of Parvati (Shiva's consort) confronted him and just demolished him. Therefore, that is why Durga is called 'Mahishasura Mardhini' which means the 'destroyer of Mahishasura'.

It is interesting to note that after this episode where Mahishasura is killed, his wife, Mahishi, does intense tapasya and gains invincibility from the Gods, Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Therefore, Vishnu becomes Mohini and Shiva and she (Mohini) have a child named Ayyappan who then destroys Mahishi as well. It is after this Ayyappan that the famous Shabari Malai became important.

Here is an interesting video of the Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram:


08 March 2009, 05:20 AM

that is Durga Gayatri, listen , May Durga Ma bless us with good health

18 May 2009, 12:20 PM



listen with text :

O daughter of the mountain, who makes the whole earth happy, who
makes the whole universe rejoice, praised by Nandin ||
dwelling on the peak of the great Vindhya mountain, glittering widely,
praised by those desirous of victory ||
o goddess, wife of the blue necked siva, one who has many families,
one who has done a lot, ||
be victorious, be victorious, O destroyer of the demon mahisa, with
beautiful braids of hair, daughter of the mountain Himalaya || ||

bestower of boons on Gods, one who assails those hard to control,
who tolerates those with ugly faces (?), one engrossed in rejoicing ||
one who nourishes the three worlds, one who pleases sankara,
one who removes sins, one who engrosses in sound of Om (?) ||
one who is angry with the progeny of Danu (demon), one who is angry
with the sons of Diti (also demon), one who destroys those with evil
intoxication of pride, daughter of the ocean ||

O mother of the world, my mother, one who loves to dwell in a forest
of Kadamba trees, one who keeps on smiling ||
one who is on her own dwelling on the tall peak of the Himalaya, the
greatest among the mountains ||
one who is very sweet, one who has the treasure of demons Madhu and
Kaitabha, destroyer of the demon Kaitabha, engaged in dancing ||

O one who split the heads (of demons) into hundreds of pieces and one
who cut the trunks of great battle elephants ||
whose great lion is skilled in terrifying valor in tearing apart the
temples of enemy elephants ||
one who has cut down into pieces the heads of enemy chieftains with
the strength of her own arms ||

O one who holds the invincible and undiminishing striking force which
arose on the occasion of killing the enemies who were hard to subdue
on the battlefield ||
who made Pramatha, the great attendant of Shiva, a leader in subtle
thinking, her commander (?) ||
who decided to destroy the messenger of demons who were sinful, with
evil intentions, thoughts and mind ||

O one who gives protection to the great heroic husbands of the enemy
wives who have come seeking refuge ||
one who holds in her hands a spotless spear pointed towards the head
of the opponent who is causing a great pain for all the three worlds ||
one who is like the blazing hot sun, aroused by the power of
resounding noise of the drums of Gods ||

O one who has blown aside hundreds of streams of smoke coming from
demons with smoking eyes merely with her own roaring ||
who is like a vine of blood-drops grown from the dried blood drops in
battle ||
one who delights in the company of auspicious Shiva, Shumbha,
Nishumbha, and the spirits who were fed during the great battle.||

one who decks herself with dancing ornaments on throbbing limbs at the
moment of the battle, making her bow ready ||
who killed the huge enemy soldiers with a shining sword and with
(arrows from) a quiver which has golden brown spots ||
who made the battleground with fourfold army into a stage with a
colorful drama with screaming little soldiers ||

be victorious! be victorious! whose victory should be sung, praised by
the whole universe ready to sing the praise extolling her victory ||
who attracted the attention of shiva by twinkling of bells making
various sounds of dancing ||
who delights in beautiful singing and in dance-drama presented by a
leading dancer acting out the role of an actress with half of his body ||

O one who has a flowerlike complexion attractive to the good heart of
the goodhearted people ||
(meaning of this part is unclear, the last word seems to mean
"surrounded by the face of the moon" )
(meaning of this compound is not clear)

sahitamahaahava mallamatallika mallitarallaka mallarate ||
virachitavallika pallikamallika shrillikabhillika vargavrute ||
sita kruta phullisamullasitaakruNtallaja pallavasallalite ||
jaya jaya he ... || ||

who is in charge of huge royal elephants in fury whose rut is
streaming down their temples incessantly ||
princess, the daughter of the ocean, who has the beauty of the moon,
the ornament of all the three worlds ||
princess of cupid who enchants the minds desirous of ladies with
beautiful teeth ||

whose spotless forehead is enhanced by the beautiful complexion, pure
and delicate like that of lotus petals ||
whose flock of swans is moving sportingly with steps which are the
marks of all beautiful arts ||
whose bees from the bakula trees meet on the tops of lotus flowers
which are crowded with (their own) bees ||

whose sweet cooing sounds made with the flute held in her own hands
have put to shame the Kokila bird and who has sweet thoughts ||
who is in colorful mountain groves pleasantly resounding with the
assembled mountain folks ||
whose playbround is filled with good qualities of the flocks of the
great tribal women who are manifestations of her own qualities ||

who has set aside the brilliance of the moon with the colorful rays
coming from the yellow silk she is wearing on her waist ||
whose toe-nails shine like the moon because of the rays emanating form
the crest jewels of the bowing gods and demons ||
whose breasts outshine the temples of wild elephants and the high
peaks of the golden mountains ||

one who has surpassed the thousand-handed sun with her own thousand
hands and one who is singularly praised by a thousand suns ||
she who performed the battle to save the Gods and whose sons fought a
battle with the demon Taraka and are saviours ||
(meaning of this compound unclear)

O benevolent goddess accompanied by Shiva, if someone daily cherishes
your lotuslike feet ||
(contd. from prev line) then, O lotus dwelling Lakshmi, how will he
not become wealthy? ||
O auspicious Goddess, is there anything that I would not have, if I
earnestly believe that your feet are the highest goal to be achieved? ||

if someone bathes you, the playground of virtues, with shining golden
waters of the ocean ||
will he not experience in heaven the happiness (equal to that of
Indra) embracing the full bosom of Sachi? ||
O Goddess worshipped by the speech of Gods, I take refuge in your
feet, which are also the abode of Shiva ||

He who sufficiently dedicates himself to your entire moonlike face,
which is as bright as a host of spotless moons ||
will he be turned away (in heaven) by the moon-faced beauties of the
city of Indra? ||
(the text of this line is unclear)

O Uma, you should be kindly disposed toward me because of your virtue
of compassion toward the meek ||
(meaning unclear) ||
you may choose to do (with me) whatever is appropriate, she removes
the great pain (of her devotees). ||