View Full Version : Remedial Measures for Astrology

29 April 2009, 06:02 AM
I read my monthly horoscope (Kanni) in the local religious magazine Sri Thungeesam today. It mentioned that Surian being in the 8th house may inflict minor mishaps. At the end, it said "Remedial Measures: Observe vegetarian diet on Saturdays. Light ellu villaku for Sani Bhagavan and perform archanai.

My wife's one (Makaram) says: Remedial Measures: Observe vegetarian diet on Saturdays and light ellu villaku for Saniswaran.

Now, we are vegetarian every day, but I'm not sure about the rest. What is "ellu vilakku"? Is it the five-faced lamp or a different one? How do you light it for Sani Bhagavan or Saniswaran?

How do you perform archanai? When we got to the temple, we request the Pujari to perform archanai, and he does the rituals which involve giving us some bananas and a sacred ash packet.

And just who are Sani Bhagavan and Saniswaran?