View Full Version : 2 types of Religions - the King and the Teacher

24 May 2009, 11:15 PM
I believe that all religions rose out of concepts - thousands of years ago men sat around and thought of how god would look like and came up with some ideas. The abrahamic religions are, IMHO, King religions, God made in the image of a King. Let's see, a King issues commands and orders. When people were brought before a king, they went down on their knees and shook with fear, for this man was judge and jury. Hence fear of god. Since in those times most kings were men, so god had to be a man.

What is a king's most important posession? His throne, of course! As long as you remain loyal to the king, you remain in his kingdom. Even if you are a good person, if you dared speak against the king, you were either killed or thrown out of the kingdom. Hence you see the abrahamic religions running segregated heavens. No room in these heavens for a Gandhi or an Einstien. You get in only if you swear allegience to this god. It is really disgusting that some Indians are believing in this garbage, considering all that Ghandhiji has done for us, but then they throw their own hindu parents and relatives in hell, why talk to these people about morals?

19 November 2010, 10:09 AM
I believe that all religions rose out of concepts ...

That is a very bold statement.
What are we supposed to do? Line up behind this belief/hypothesis?
Have you had any other dreams since then, that we should know about and analyze?